Francis Bushnell b. 1609

Francis Bushnell 10th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.

Francis was born in 1609 probably in Sussex England. On June 27, 1631 he married Mary Grombridge in Horsham Parish, Sussex, England. Page 46 The parish register of Horsham at HathiTrust.

April 10, 1635 Francis and Mary sailed from London on The Planter and landed in Boston on June 7. On the ship were farmers, curriers, servants, shoemakers, tailors, glovers. From Boston the Bushnells went to Saybrook, Connecticut – now called Old Saybrook. Francis was a carpenter and a miller. He built the first gristmill in Saybrook and received land in exchange for running the mill. Francis was a deacon in the Saybrook Church. Page 75 The First Church of Christ (Congregational), Old Saybrook, Conn.

Frances and Mary had 8 children. Francis’s death is recorded, “ Deacon Francis Bushnell deceased this life December 4th, 1681” he was 72.

StMaryHorshamSt Marys Horsham image at The History of St. Marys 2015

William Lewis b. 1594

William Lewis 10th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree

William Lewis was born in Cardiff, Wales January of 1594. In 1620 he married Felix Collins also of Wales. On June 22, 1632 William, Felix and their young son William Jr. sailed from London to New England, arriving in Boston on September 16, 1632.

Lewis, Wm and family

Page 101, Planters of the Commonwealth by Banks, an Ancestry . com source

John Winthrop of New England kept a journal in 1630s and 40s, one thing he recorded was ships arriving and leaving. “He brought one hundred and twenty three passengers whereof fifty children, all in health, they had been twelve weeks aboard and eight weeks from Land’s end.”

Winthrop the Lyon

Volume 1 page 92 The Winthrop journals at HathiTrust

The Winthrop Journals are at HathiTrust  more info on John Winthrop at Wikipedia 

William settled first in Cambridge and was a freeman on Nov 6, 1632. He moved to Hartford then Farmington, Connecticut where he was a selectmen, constable and deputy. As a selectmen William would have helped put his new town together, selectmen explained at Wikipedia  “In most New England towns, the adult voting population gathered annually in a town meeting to act as the local legislature, approving budgets and laws. Day-to-day operations were originally left to individual oversight, but when towns became too large for individuals to handle such work loads, they would elect an executive board of, literally, select(ed) men to run things for them.”

William wrote and signed a will August 30, 1683, his estate was settled December 18 1683, his son William was executor. “I William Lewis, being stricken in years, do think it meet to set in order the Estate which God hath graciously given me.” Volume 1 page 331 A digest of the early Connecticut probate records at HathiTrust.

William Lewis 1594 – 1683
William Lewis 1620 – 1690
Mary Lewis  1645 – 1690
Hannah Judd  1681 – 1747
Hannah Smith  1711 – 1785
Prudence Risley  1735 – 1816
Joseph Gaines  1756 – 1841
Obed Gaines  1793 – 1877
William Newcomb Gaines  1825 – 1907
Mary Ella Gaines  1855 – 1917
William E Miller  1879 – 1949
Faber W Miller  1905 – 1957

Elbert Howard b. 1791

Elbert Howard 5th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree

Elbert Howard was born in Georgia around 1791. In 1811 he was in Knox, Kentucky, in 1820 Lawrence, Indiana, 1840 in Lake, Illinois and by 1855 in Floyd County, Iowa. Elbert married Phone McNeil in 1811 in Kentucky, after her death he married Rachel Burlingham. Rachel and Elbert’s marriage was ‘the first marriage license granted by the County of Lake issued out of the Commissioners’ Court under date of September 10, 1839’. A history of Lake County, Illinois page 71 a free ebook at HathiTrust.

On June 15 1855 Elbert purchased 160 acres of land. Certificate 23,975 Elbert Howard of Floyd County, Iowa, 160 acres, 15 June 1855. Howard, Elbert 1855 land purchase

In 1857 he was appointed postmaster of Howardville, Iowa. Elbert Howard and some of his family are buried in the Howardville Cemetery. 

Ancestry . co sources: U.S., Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971, Kentucky, County Marriages, 1783-1965 and U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907.


Manford Speedy b. 1838 sheriff

Manford Speedy b. 1838 in Jefferson, Ohio 2nd grandfather, on RootsMagic tree

Speedy, Manford photoManford Byron Speedy was a pioneer in Butler Center, Iowa. Butler Center is no longer around, UNI has it’s full history here a part of an Iowa Prairie site project. MB’s name is with the pioneers settled in 1856, that’s 10 years after Iowa became a state.

Manford ran for Sheriff and was elected in 1877, newspaper articles document the race and who ‘should be made the victim of slander and abuse this fall.’
1877 Jul 5 Page 3 of Butler County (Iowa) Press, column 2 mid bottom.
Mr. MB Speedy  and Mr. G Van Vlack of Shell Rock town­ship, desirous of being candidates for  county office this  fall, and think­ing there is no hope but for one of them called a primary election for last Saturday at which the voters of the township were to decide which one of them should be made the victim of slander and abuse this fall.

September 1877 Manford was endorsed in the local newspaper, a ’tower of strength’. 1877 Sep 13 Page 4 of Butler County (Iowa) Press, column 3 

In October 1877 Manford ‘called’ not on the phone but in person at the newspaper offices ‘MB Speedy one of the straight men on the straight Republican ticket for Butler county called last Saturday and exchanged ideas with us on the political topics of the day. Glad to see him’.
1877 Oct 4 Page 4 Butler County (Iowa) Press, column 1 mid top


Results for Sheriff in 1877 are in: History of Butler and Bremer counties, Iowa, a free ebook at HathiTrust, the snapshot shows Manford elected Sheriff and brother in law J W Stewart elected as Superintendent of Schools

Eleazer Arnold House


Eleazer Arnold 9th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.
“Eleazer Arnold builder of the noted 17th century stone-end chimney house was a typical representative of second generation Rhode Islander settlers … Such were the conditions in Rhode Island as pictured by travelers of a period only fifty years after Eleazar Arnold created his mansion in 1687 on the Great Road to Mendon. The land he built on was fifty acres left to him by his father at “Worlds End” near Scott’s pond”.

Image 10 of 19, page 81. Eleazer Arnold House July 1952 Volume 2 No. 3 at Rhode Island Historical Society link to the publication page with an explanation of the journal. Link to the actual journal.


John Smith banished

John Smith 11th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.

John Smith, the Miller, of Providence Rhode Island, some of his descendants by Charles Farnham page 114, image 11 of 19

Ordered, that John Smyth shalbe sent within theis 6 weekes out of this jurisdiccon, for dyvers dangerous opinions, wch hee holdeth, & hath dyvulged, if in the meane tyme he removes not himselfe out of this plantacon Jn Smith banish’t

Records of the Governor and company of the Massachusetts Bay
Volume 1 page 159;view=1up;seq=183

john smith

Roger Williams b. 1602

Roger Williams 10th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree

Williams, Roger A Key_ Of the WordsRoger Williams was born in 1602 in London and is known for a lot: he founded Rhode Island, he wrote many books including A key into the Language of America: A help to the Language of the Natives in that part of America called New England, he founded the still standing First Baptist Church and so much more.

Direct descendancy from Roger Williams is pretty well proven through Dexter Angell (VII 1.) who mentions daughter Delia in his will. Delia is the bonafide mom of Matilda Flood who married Richard Mockford and they are parents of Philippa Flood Mockford Speedy, aka great grandma Speedy. Roger Williams of Province, RI by Anthony, Bertha Williams at HathiTrust this same book is used by the Roger William Family Association as a source.

Roger Williams Park and Betsy's houseIn 1871 Roger Williams’s 3rd great granddaughter Betsy Williams donated 100+ acres of land to the state of Rhode Island with the condition that it be used as a public space for everyone and have a statue of Roger Williams. There is actually a book saved about this whole event, Ceremonies at the unveiling of the monument to Roger Williams at HathiTrust

And the People’s Park