Charlotte Knapp b.1831

Charlotte Knapp was probably the mother of William Cable so probably 2nd great grandmother.

Charlotte’s husband Jonathan Cable was definitely the father of William Cable, who was father of Gladys Cable. Jonathan was married first to Eliza, after her death he married Charlotte. Jonathan and Eliza were definitely the parents of John Cable, John’s death certificate proves this. The mother of the younger Cable children Chancey, William, Sarah and Violetta is not definite. Most likely Chancey’s mom was Eliza and Charlotte Knapp was the mom of William, Violetta and Sarah. No records prove this, on some records William’s mother is Eliza, on others his mother is Charlotte.

If Charlotte Knapp is the mother of William Cable, his ancestors go all the way back to the 1630s Winthrop Fleet, 11 ships that sailed from England to America.

For sure Charlotte was born in New York around 1831 and married a first husband. Then as a single woman (widowed, divorced) she joined her brothers and sisters in Dane County, Wisconsin where around 1850 she married William Cable, there is no marriage source. In 1870 Jonathan age 60, Charlotte age 36, Chancey age 20, William age 18, Sarah age 15 and Violetta age 13 live in Pleasant Grove, Floyd County, Iowa.

Charlotte and Jonathan were Methodists and helped get a church started in Pleasant Grove in the summer of 1867. “A gentleman named Swan … was the first preacher during the summer of 1867. The next summer Methodists of Charles City sent one of their local preachers … at the first meeting there were about fifteen present, including Jonathan Cable’s family. Link to History of Floyd County, Iowa on HathiTrust

In 1885 Charlotte’s dad William Knapp lived with the Cable family. Cable, Jonathan, Charlotte, William and William Knapp screenshot1885 Floyd, Pleasant Grove, Iowa the Iowa census, Cable, Jonathan, Charlotte, William and William Knapp screenshot.

Charlotte most likely died in Chicago on June 2, 1899 and is buried in Dane, Wisconsin near her brothers, sisters and mom, Rhoda Bowers in a tiny, very rural cemetery in the middle of cornfields, link to Google maps location. Her husband Jonathan Cable’s death and burial info are unknown.


Leonard Cable b. 1889

Leonard Cable b. 1889 brother of Gladys Cable who married Faber Miller. Leonard in RootsMagic tree.

Leonard was the son of William Cable and first wife Nellie Stroud. Leonard was born in Pleasant Grove Township near Greene, Iowa in 1889. The Cable family lived on a farm. In Senior Grammar School Leonard and his sister Ruth were listed as perfect school attenders, never tardy never absent for at least 2 years.

Cable, Leonard and Ruth

Leonard’s jobs included railroad mechanic, paper hanger, machinist and a shipping clerk at a furniture store. He stayed in touch with his dad after his parent’s divorce and in 1915 stopped for a visit in Greene, Iowa on his way home to Kansas. Leonard’s WW 1 draft card shows him in Chicago, 1503 E 64 St, a machinist, living with and taking care of his mom. Leonard stayed single and died in 1920, age 31, of lobar pneumonia.

Eliza Frey Cable b. 1823

Eliza Frey could be the grandmother of Gladys Cable who married Faber Miller. Eliza on RoostMagic tree.

Eliza was born abt. 1823 and married Jonathan Cable abt. 1846. Their first son John was born March 22, 1847 in Somerset, Pennsylvania. In 1850 the Cable family: Jonathan age 44, Eliza age 37, John age 2 and infant Chancey appear in the 1850 US Census. They’re living in Jefferson, Greene County, Wisconsin. The 1850 census is the only record for Eliza.  Records of John, Chancey and William Cable list their mom as either Eliza or Charlotte. Most likely Eliza is the mom of the first two children John and Chancey. Most likely Charlotte Knapp, who married Johnathan Cable abt. 1850, is the mom of William, Violetta and Sarah. But there’s no actual factual proof of this, yet. Eliza Frey is a mystery. In family history this is known as a “brick wall”. Eliza’s maiden name, birthdate, birthplace and place and date of death are all unknown.


Jonathan Cable b. 1807

Jonathan Cable b. 1807 2nd great grandfather.

Jonathan Cable was born in Pennsylvania, he married Eliza around 1840. By 1850 the family was living in southeast Wisconsin. Jonathan was a millwright. When Eliza died Jonathan married Charlotte Knapp. Eliza is definitely the mother of the 2 older Cable children: John and Chancey. Charlotte is probably the mom of the younger: William, Sarah and Violettta. (Available records list both Eliza and Charlotte as mom of William.) The Cable family was in Pleasant Grove, Iowa by 1865 when Jonathan paid taxes on a watch and a melodeon, like an accordion. In 1867 the Cable family was part of the first Methodist congregation in Pleasant Grove, with a pastor visiting the town every 2 weeks or so. Jonathan built the second forge in Pleasant Grove, still standing but not used in 1882. In 1895 Jonathan and son William are in the Floyd County Plat Book: Jonathan owned 80 acres and William owned 160 acres of farmland. An 1870 non-population census schedule shows Jonathan’s farm with 69 acres of improved land, 16 acres of woodland, 2 horses, 5 milch cows, 4 working oxen, 12 swine. The farm produced 436 bushels of spring wheat, 200 bushels of Indian corn 354 bushels of oats, 20 bushels of Irish potatoes, 700 pounds of butter, and 17 tons of hay. In 1885 Jonathan, Charlotte and William Cable were living on their Pleasant Grove farm with Charlotte’s dad William Knapp, a soldier in the Civil War. Jonathan’s death date and place are not for sure, burial place is unknown.

Jonathan Cable 1807 – 1895 to William Smythe Cable 1852 – 1926 to Gladys Mae Cable 1913 – 1991 m. Faber W Miller 1905 – 1957


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Violetta Cable b. 1857

Cable, Violet obituary 1942Violetta Cable, great grand aunt on RootsMagic tree

Violetta was born April 11, 1857 in Wisconsin to Jonathan Cable, her mom was probably Eliza Frey. Violetta was the youngest of 5 kids with 3 brothers and a sister. By 1870 Violetta was 13 and living with her family in Pleasant Grove, Iowa. She lived on a farm in Pleasant Grove until about 1884 when she was a postmaster in Cable, Minnesota. This is noted on Wikipedia and also in a book: Minnesota Place Names by Upham.

Violetta took in her niece and nephews: Ethel Towslee, Chauncey and Leonard Cable all lived with her at different times in Chicago, Minnesota and Seattle. Violetta married Charles Anderson in 1908 in Seattle. She was 51 he was 39, Charles died in 1927, they didn’t have children. As a widow Violetta lived with her brother William’s widow, Mary Fries Cable in Des Moines, Iowa. Violetta died in Des Moines April 6, 1942 and is buried in the Pleasant Grove, Iowa cemetery, headstone not yet located, probably near her brother William.


Chancey Cable b. 1850

Chancey Cable, 2nd great uncle on RootsMagic tree.

Chancey was born April 1850 in Wisconsin, the 2nd son of Jonathan Cable and Eliza Frey. In 1870 his family lived on a farm in Pleasant Grove, Floyd County, Iowa. Chancey is in the local news papers in 1877, at the 4th of July celebration he won a race and played on the baseball team. chancey and older borther John owned a saloon in Greene, Iowa. In 1880 Chancey was in Chippewa, Wisconsin with John and sister, Sarah. John and Chancey were Railroad Contractors. Sarah kept house with 35 boarders including Sarah’s husband Horace Towsley. On the 1880 census Chancey was a widow. If he ever married, it was for a very short time with no record yet of his wife and no known children. Chancey  was in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1885. His brother John was there too, married and soon to have a son he would name Chancey.

By 1900 Chancey was further west in Sunshine, Colorado, on his own, a gold and silver miner. In 1910 he lived in Port Townsend, Washington on the northwest corner near Victoria and Vancouver,  Canada. He owned a tugboat “New Era”. When Chancey died October 30, 1910 his probate named each of his siblings and his handwritten will left everything to his sister Sarah Cable Towsley.

Will, listing Chancey’s siblings.
Cable- Chancey handwritten will



Ruth Cable b. 1890

Ruth Cable, daughter of William Cable and first wife Nellie Stroud. Ruth was born in 1890 in or around Greene, Iowa, Pleasant Valley township. She lived with her father, mother, a younger sister Nora b. 1892 and an older brother Leonard b. 1889. Young Ruth and Leonard won school awards for perfect attendance- an accomplishment when a journey to school was not as simple as hopping in a car and driving along paved roads. From the Marble Rock Journal 1904 Feb 4: Pupils neither tardy or absent: Leonard and Ruth Cable.

Ruth Cable the first day of spring March 21, 1908 was shopping at the Bucholz store in Greene (Bucholz, owned by Bucholz and Dralle this store may still be standing in Greene, Iowa as Dralle’s- they’re on Facebook). In the Iowa (Greene) Recorder of March 25, 1908 Ruth Cable leaves a message:

“Parcel Misplaced. A parcel containing a dark blue skirt and iron lead belt buckle with garnet setting was placed in wrong buggy last Saturday evening. Finder please leave at Bucholz store and receive liberal reward.”

Genuine garnets? and did Ruth get the package back? In a small town probably she did.

A few months after the missing parcel, William and Nellie were divorcing, all covered in the local newspapers. Their divorce was not friendly, accusations were made on both sides. Nora was the youngest, 16 when her parents divorced. Nora married, had children and settled in Kansas City, Missouri. Leonard moves around. He lived in Chicago and Seattle with his aunts Violetta and Sarah. He dies at age 31, maybe in a work accident, he was a railroad mechanic. Ruth was a lodger in Waterloo, Iowa 1910, a store clerk at the Golden Rule, with no records after the 1910 census. Nellie went to Kansas City then stayed with Leonard in Chicago for awhile and remarried at age 50 or 60.

The Iowa (Greene) Recorder newspaper is at with a paid subscription and at most public libraries with a library card log in. The newspapers provide an unbelievable amount of information, not the news, but the local happenings.


Iowa (Greene) Recorder, 1908 Mar 25 page 9 of 12, column 5 top

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