William Flood b. 1829

William Flood 3rd great grandfather .

William was born in Vermont, 1829, no information on his parents. He was in Iowa by 1852 and in Butler County, Iowa by 1856 when he married Delia Angell. The 1880 census shows the Flood and Stewart families as neighbors. In 1916 the families were connected when Philippa (Flood) Mockford and Harve (Stewart) Speedy married.

The 1880 Agricultural Census shows some of the Flood family’s farm property and production

  • The farm had 10 acres of mown grasslands, 20 acres of hay, 95 acres of tilled land, 25 acres of meadow and 5 acres of woodland.
  • Total farm value $2400, machinery value $200, livestock value $726.
  • Livestock included 7 horses, 4 cows, 32 pigs and 40 chickens.
  • The farm produced 200 lbs of butter and 100 eggs.
  • Crops included 80 acres of Indian corn producing 200 bushels, 4 acres of oats producing 60 bushels, 7 acres of wheat producing 80 bushels, 2 acres of apple trees, 20 bearing trees producing 15 bushels of apples.
  • Forest products were 15 cords of wood cut.

William was also a blacksmith and passed the trade on to his son George. And he was in the Civil War Union Army 32nd Regiment Iowa Infantry Company E, a soldier promoted to Private, then Corporal.

Of the Iowa 32nd, ‘There was probably not another infantry command subjected to such an experience as the Thirty-second Iowa Infantry. They marched and kept up with a cavalry division for over four hundred miles. No troops displayed greater heroism during the War of the Rebellion.’ http://bit.ly/2DFBpJy Volume 5 page 57 of Roster And Record of Iowa Soldiers In the War of the Rebellion.

William Flood b.1829, father of Matilda Flood b.1858, mother of Philippa Flood Mockford b.1891, mother of Elizabeth Speedy b.1917 m. Stanley Roose b.1915

William Flood in Civil War 1862

William Flood, 3rd great grandfather, married to Delia Angell, was a Civil War soldier in the Iowa 32nd Infantry. He registered after Governor Kirkwood on July 9, 1862 made a proclamation calling for 300,000 Iowa men to join the war effort. At HathiTrust in the Roster and record of Iowa soldiers in the war of the Rebellion, Volume 5 (William’s info is on page 57) there is a 10-20 page description of the the soldiers’s battles and movements. They walked from Iowa to Nashville, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama. They walked in soldier’s uniforms with their supplies on their backs.

Today in Iowa it is 90 degrees, heat index 104. I carried out the garbage/recycling in a tank top, flip flops, shorts with no gear on my back. I broke a sweat- WTF? Were these ancestors of mine a different species? How in the world did they do what they did, everyday.

Lizzie Flood b.1867

Elizabeth Matilda Flood great aunt of Elizabeth Speedy who married Stanley Roose. Lizzie on RootsMagic tree.

Elizabeth went by Lizzie and was born January 28, 1867 in Butler County, Iowa. The year she was born, Harvard opens the 1st dental school, Nobel files a patent on dynamite, Nebraska becomes a state and Charles Dickens gives 1st public reading in the US.

screenshot 2Lizzie was a dressmaker. She was single and rented her home, in Iowa around 1900. Did she wish to stay single, did she have marriage proposals that she refused?  Did her parents hassle her to get married, start a family and settle down? Three of her sisters married and had children, one did not. Both her brothers married.

Lizzie died at about 36  years old, following an operation. She is buried near her family: mother Delia Viola Angell and father William Flood, brothers and sisters in an old cemetery near Clarksville, Iowa.

Postcard Waterloo, Iowa US HistoricalI think Lizzie liked living with her four sisters, two brothers and parents but was restless to be on her own. So she moved out of her family’s small town home at 20 years old and went to the closest city, then lived on her own until her death. Maybe she was a successful dressmaker during the day, then at home in the evenings she designed her own dresses and pondered opening her own dress shop. After Lizzie’s death her youngest sister, Nettie, owns a millinery shop. Perhaps Lizzie’s estate left all to her sister?

Flood, Lizzie swatch book

Lizzie may have kept a notebook similar to this Swatch book where she recorded her ideas for dress designs and her knowledge of textiles and sewing.

The Swatch book is at Winthur.org in their Digital Collections.

“Swatch Book :: Textile Patterns and Designs.” Swatch Book :: Textile Patterns and Designs. Winterthur Digital Collections, n.d. Web. 05 Jan. 2016.