Entje Frerichs b. 1871

Entje Frerichs 3rd great aunt on RootsMagic tree.
Entje was born March 26, 1871 in Aurich Lower Saxony Germany also called East Frisia, Ostfriesland, Germany. She was the 4th of 5 children of Casjen and Kunna. Entje was 12 when she and her family sailed on the ship America, to America. They landed in Baltimore on October 10, 1883 and went straight to Iowa.
In 1890 in Parkersburg, Iowa, Entje and her sister Hilka were confirmed at Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Butler Center, Iowa. On March 12,1891 Entje married John Henrichs, His family was also from Germany, and Entje’s brother Enno married John’s sister Antje. Entje and John farmed in Jefferson Township near Butler Center and Ebenezer Lutheran Church, both the church and town are no longer around. Entje and John had 5 children. A daughter was named Kunna after Entje’s mom. All were baptized in the Ebenezer Lutheran Church. Kunna’s baptism record and Entje’s confirmation record are mix of written German and English words.

The Ebenezer Lutheran Church congregation talked through the years about which language to use in church services. In 1921 they voted for German language services, by 1930 services were alternate Sundays one in German, one in English. A pastor resigned: he’d been a pastor for 40 years, he spoke both High and Low German, but didn’t speak much English. By 1940 the church held one German service and two English services.
Entje died at age 65 and is buried at Butler Center Cemetery with her husband. They have a large Hinrichs [Henrichs] stone and a smaller Mother and Father stone. Entje’s 1936 obituary in the Clarksville (Iowa) Star newspaper included her husband, 2 sons, 3 daughters and 14 grandkids.


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Yevkea Frerichs b. 1862

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Yevkea Frerichs 3rd great aunt on RootsMagic tree

Yevkea  Frerichs was born on February 26, 1862 in Germany. She was the oldest child of Casjen and Kuna Janssen Frerichs and was already married when she emigrated in 1883. She and her husband Joost Reents were on the same ship as Yevkea’s family- the America which sailed from Germany, checked in at a New York harbor then docked in Baltimore, Maryland on October 10, 1883. Both Joost and Yevkea have ‘brewer’ as their occupation on immigration cards. Fairly quickly the whole group was in Butler County, Iowa. How they made this 1000 mile journey isn’t known.

Yevkea’s name on records is: Kate, Carrie, Jerkea, Terker. Her name was almost certainly Yevkea or Yeikea.

Frerichs Reents, Yevkea immigration 1883

Yevkea had her first child on June 15 1884, Kurnie Reents, born in Butler County, Iowa. Yevkea and Joost had 6 children, Kurnie, another duaghter Jennie and a son Casjen survived to adulthood. Yevkea and her infant daughter died in the winter of 1891. Joost married again, Henrieko Winterboer from Germany, they had children and settled in South Dakota. The family farmed. Yevkea and Joost’s son Casjen also farmed in South Dakota then lived and is buried in Bend, Oregon. Daughters Kurnie Dockter stayed in South Dakota, had a family and lived to age 95,  Jennie Giebink stayed in South Dakota, married and her family also farmed.

Yevkea is buried at Jungling Cemetery near Allison, Iowa. Her mom and dad Kuna and Casjen are buried in buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Parkersburg Iowa, their headstones look the same and both have a mix of English and German words.


Kate Frerichs Fleshner b. 1895

Kate Frerichs was the aunt of Stanley Roose who married Elizabeth Speedy.


Kate Frerichs was born the first day January 1 of 1895. Her given name was Kunna Engelina Frerichs, like her grandmother Kunna Jansen Frerichs she went by Kate. Kate was baptized February 3 1895 at Bethel Church in Parkersburg, Iowa.  Parents Enno and Annie were probably married in this same church around 1890.
Kate was the older sister of Mary Frerichs Roose. By 1900 the Frerichs family was living in Jefferson, Butler County Iowa, farming. Kate married Chris Fleshner in 1914. The Fleshner family stayed in Butler County and also farmed. Kate was widow in 1958 and she died on the very last day December 31 of 1974.

Obituary from the Greene recorder
Rites held for Kate Fleshner. Rites Held for Kate Fleshner. Services for Kate L. Fleshner, 79 who died at Allison Manor, December 31, were held Friday Jan 3 at St James Lutheran Church, Allison with burial at the allusion Cemetery. she is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Clair Dailey of Waverly, Mrs. Kenneth Smith of Allison and Mrs. Richard Schaeffer of Marshalltown; three sisters, Mrs. George Roose (Mary Frerichs) of Clarksville, Mrs. Sena Ressler of Waverly and Mrs. Hilko Janssen of Allison; a brother John Frerichs of Dumont.

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Greene recorder Greene, Iowa, Digital Archives at Greene Public Library

Hilka Frerichs b. 1875

Hilka Frerichs, 3rd great aunt on RootsMagic tree.

Hilka Frerichs was born March 24, 1875 in Germany, the youngest child of Casjen and Kunna Janssen Frerichs. At age 9 in 1883, she and her family sailed on the ship America to Baltimore, Maryland. The Frerichs family journeyed straight to Iowa, on train then maybe in a carriage or wagon, with horses? no idea. In 1855 trains went as far as Cedar Falls, by 1902 they criss-crossed most of Iowa. Historical maps at the Iowa DOT.

In 1890 Hilka, 15, and her sister Entje, 19, were confirmed at the Parkersburg Bethel Lutheran Church. March 14, 1894 Hilka married Ernest Hahn, they had children including a daughter: Delight. I don’t have a photo of Hilka and Ernest’s farm but it probably looked something like the ‘Modern 1920s Iowa Farm’ at the Library of Congress. Hilka was a widow at 82 and died 5 years later age 87 in 1962. She and her husband are buried at Lynwood Cemetery in Clarksville, Iowa.

A modern Iowa farm 1920 Library of Congress

A modern Iowa farm ca 1920

Frerichs family emigrates in 1883

In 1883 Enno Frerichs (2nd great grandfather) and family sailed from Bremen, Germany to Baltimore, Maryland. From Baltimore they would have taken a train to Freeport, Illinois joining friends and family already settled in America. Railroad companies produced pamphlets many in  German, advertising the lands for sale in the Plains: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska. Local agents were listed along with details about crops, social life, religion and the financial make up of the specific towns. Railroads and the Making of Modern America University of Nebraska Lincoln is an educational site with plentiful sources.