Widow Walker b. 1600

Widow Walker 10th great grandmother on RootsMagic tree.

Widow Walker’s first name is unknown, her last name was probably Brown. She was born in England around 1600, married, then was widowed by 1635 when her two older children Sarah and James came to America with their uncle the widow’s brother, his name may have been John Brown. The widow and younger son Philip came to America about 1640. Widow Walker is on land records in 1643, 1644 and 1646 then she disappears with no more records. By 1658, son Philip is on land records. So her estimated death is in 1658 at about age 58. There are theories on her Brown family ancestors and her husband’s Walker family ancestors, but not much is proven, except her land.

Land Widow Walker and Zachariah Rhodes 1644 screenshot

The history of Rehoboth, page 25

In Vital Records of Rehoboth on page 911: “At a Town Meeting, the 31st day of the 4th month 1644, lots were drawn for a division of the woodland, between the plain and the town. Shares were drawn to the number of 58 as follows”: Widow Walker is the only female on the list of 58 which included The Schoolmaster, The Governor and The Pastor. Thomas Bliss 8th great grandpa of Elizabeth Speedy is also on the list.

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Eunice Walker b. 1728

Eunice Walker 6th great grandma on RootsMagic tree

Eunice Walker was the daughter of Timothy and Grace Child Walker born September 4, 1728 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and probably grew up in the Walker House (still standing in Rhode Island) built by her father Timothy on the land her great grandfather Philip Walker originally owned. Eunice married James Hill(s) May 11, 1749. She and her husband lived in Massachusetts, had a family and farmed. James was a Captain in the early years of the American Revolution so Eunice kept their home and farm going wile he was away. She was named in her dad Timothy’s will of 1745: give unto my Daughter Unis one hundred pounds in Bill of Credit. Eunice died at age 44 on December 31, 1772, her husband most likely did not remarry. Whether by coincidence or as a namesake Eunice’s great granddaughter Delia Angel Flood would name her daughter Eunice in 1872 Shell Rock, Iowa.

Philip Walker house official site http://www.preserveri.org/walker-house .
Philip Walker house at Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phillip_Walker_House .

Eunice Walker (1728 – 1772) Cynthia Hill (1763 – 1830) Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854) Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916) Matilda Elizabeth Flood (1858 – 1940) Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979) Elizabeth Matilda Speedy (1917 – 2005) m. Stanley Joseph Roose (1915 – 2004)

Philip Walker b. 1628

Philip Walker was born in Weymouth, Dorset, England in 1625. He was about fifteen when he came to Plymouth Colony with his mom around 1640. His mom is known as Widow Walker. She owned land in 1644. Bliss, Leonard, jr.The History of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Boston: Otis, Broaders, and company, 1836.

Philip was an early deacon of the Congregational Church and a weaver and/or farmer. He was also a soldier in King Philip’s War, and helped to finance the war. Philip wrote one of the first American epic poems: Captan Perse & his coragios Company.  The poem was probably written in 1676, and Walker is writing about his personal experience. This 37 page PDF includes the poem, an introduction and context notes.

Captain Pierce’s battle  details at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_Men%27s_Misery.

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project has a bio on Philip. http://www.histarch.illinois.edu/plymouth/Walker.html

7th great grandfather of Elizabeth Matilda Speedy who married Stanley Roose Sr.

  • Philip Walker (1628 – 1679)
  • Samuel Walker (1655 – 1712)
  • Timothy Walker (1687 – 1745)
  • Eunice Walker (1728 – 1772)
  • Cynthia Hill (1763 – 1830)
  • Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854)
  • Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916)
  • Matilda  Flood (1858 – 1940)
  • Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979)
  • Elizabeth Speedy (1917 – 2005) m. Stanley Roose (1915 – 2004)