Ancestor stories

Here are links to stories or life sketches for my ancestors. If there’s a turquoise hyperlink there’s a story. I write these as I review an ancestor’s information. Each story could be 5-10 pages or a book, editing down to a few paragraphs is the work part.

Non direct line ancestors are here: aunts, uncles, cousins and in-laws no relation

Stories of direct line or pedigree ancestors are below:

William Miller & Lola Miller to Faber Miller, my grandpa, my dad’s dad.

  • William was a mail carrier and Lola a housewife.
  • In 1920 they traveled with their 2 teenagers to Wisconsin in an automobile- finally affordable with roadways just beginning.
  • Lola hosted church group luncheons.
  • At William’s retirement they moved to Oregon

William Cable & Mary Fries to Gladys Cable, my grandma, my dad’s mom.

  • William, with his dad Jonathan owned a lot of farm land in Floyd County, Iowa.
  • Mary was his 2nd wife, she owned a hat shop.
  • They travelled to Chicago for millinery supplies.
  • They had dances at their home, the Cable Farm.

George Roose & Mary Frerichs to Stanley Roose, my grandpa, my mom’s dad.

  • George with his dad Johann owned a lot of farm land in Butler County, Iowa
  • Mary and George were Lutherans
  • They went to New York City for their daughter’s graduation from Columbia University
  • George took his sons, grandsons on fishing trips to Minnesota and Canada.

Harve Speedy & Philippa Mockford to Elizabeth Speedy, my grandma, my mom’s mom.

  • Harve and Philippa had a big family.
  • Harve was a livestock dealer.
  • Philippa was a member of the Eastern Star and active in her church, a Congregationalist.
  • The Speedys had a lot of surprise parties.

2nd great grandparents

3rd great grandparents

4th great grandparents

5th great grandparents

6th great grandparents

7th great grandparents

8th great grandparents

9th great grandparents

  • Miller
    • Samuel Gaines and Anna Burnham to Samuel Gaines and Rebecca Gaines
    • Thomas Couch and Rebecca to Rebecca Couch ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Richard Risley and Rebecca Adams to Samuel Risley
    • Jonathan Smith and Martha Bushnell to Gershom Smith
    • Benjamin Judd and Mary Lewis to Hannah Judd
    • Isaac Willey and Joanna Lutten to Mary Willey
    • Mercy Sprague and Willam Tubbs to Samuel Tubbs
    • John Huntley and Jane to Marah Huntley ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Richard Smith and Joanna Quarlls to John Smith ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Hannah Littlefield and Peter Cloyes to Sarah Cloyes
    • Edward Wilson and Mary Hale to William Wilson
    • John Pierce and Isabell to Mary Pierce ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Francis Brown and Mary Edwards to Eleazer Brown ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Richard Waters and Rejoice Plaise to Mary Waters
    • Thomas Bulkeley and Sarah Jones to Sarah Bulkeley
    • Israel Dewey and Lydia Holdredge to Jabez Dewey
    • William York and Mary Utley to Deborah York
    • Jonathan Tracy and Mary Griswold to Christopher and Francis Tracy
    • John Parrish and Mary Waddell to Lydia and Elizabeth Parrish 
    • Josiah Witter and Sarah Crandall to John Witter
    • Samuel Tefft and Elizabeth Jenckes to Sarah Tefft
  • Speedy

10th great grandparents

  • Miller
    • Henry Gaines and Jane Partridge to Samuel Gaines
    • Thomas Burnham and Ann Wright to Anna Burnham
    • Richard Risley and Mary to Richard Risley
    • John Adams and Abigail Smith to Rebecca Adams
    • Richard Smith and Rebecca Buswell to Jonathan Smith
    • Francis Bushnell and Mary Grombridge to Martha Bushnell
    • Thomas Judd and Elizabeth to Benjamin Judd ~end of line Fall 2019
    • William Lewis and Mary Hopkins to Mary Lewis
    • Isaac Wiley and Joanna Lutten to Mary Wiley ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Francis Sprague and Lydia to Mercy Sprague ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Edmund Littlefield and Annis Austin to Hannah Littlefield
    • John Cloyes and Abigail Mourning to Peter Cloyes ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Robert Hale and Joanna Cutter to Mary Hale
    • James Waters and Phebe Manning to Richard Waters
    • William Plaise and Margerie Smith to Rejoice Plaise ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Peter Bulkeley and Jane Allen to Thomas Bulkeley
    • John Jones and Sarah to Sarah Jones ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Israel Dewey and Abigail Drake to Israel Dewey
    • William Holdredge and Lydia Quenby to Lydia Holdredge
    • James York and Deborah Bell to William York
    • Samuel Utley and Hannah Hatch to Mary Utley
    • Thomas Tracy and Mary to Jonathan Tracy ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Francis Griswold and Sarah to Mary Griswold ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Waddell and Mary Goole to Mary Waddell
    • William Witter and Annis Churchman to Josiah Witter ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Crandall and Mary to Sarah Crandall ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Tefft and Mary Barber to Samuel Tefft ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Joseph Jenckes and Esther Ballard to Elizabeth Jenckes
  • Speedy
    • Thomas Angell and Alice Ashton to John Angell 
    • John Field and Ruth to Ruth Field ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Thomas Olney and Elizabeth March to Thomas Olney
    • Thomas Barnes and Prudence Albee to Lydia Barnes
    • Thomas Clemence and Elizabeth to Richard Clemence ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Smith and Sarah Whipple to Sarah Smith
    • Thomas Olney and Marie Ashton to Epenetus Olney 
    • John Whipple and Sarah to Mary Whipple ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Zachariah Rhodes and Joanna Arnold to Rebecca Rhodes
    • Roger Williams and Mary Barnard to Daniel Williams
    • John Wheeler and Ann Yeoman to David Wheeler
    • Humphrey Wise and Sarah Pakeman to Sarah Wise
    • John Brown and Dorothy to James Brown ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley to Lydia Howland
    • William Denison and Margaret Chandler to George Denison
    • George Gardiner and Lydia Ballou to Lydia Gardiner 
    • John Smith and Sarah Whipple to Joseph Smith
    • Thomas Arnold and Phebe Parkhurst to Eleazer Arnold
    • John Smith and Elizabeth to Eleanor Smith ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Michael Metcalf and Sarah Ellwyn to Jane Metcalf ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Widow Walker to Philip Walker ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Thomas Bliss and Dorothy Wheatley to Martha Bliss ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Nicholas Ide and Widow Ide to Nicholas Ide ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Benjamin Child and Sarah Shenton to Benjamin Child
    • Griffin Bowen and Margaret Fleming to Mary Bowen
    • Edward Morris and Prudence Heath to Edward Morris
    • Thomas Tracy and Mary to Jonathan Tracy ~end of line Fall 2019

11th great grandparents

  • Miller
    • Nicholas Gaines and Alice to Henry Gaines ~ end of line 2019
    • John Partridge and Frances to Jane Partridge ~ end of line 2019
    • Richard Wright to Ann Wright ~ end of line 2019
    • Jeremey Adams and Rebecca Baseden to John Adams ~ end of line 2019
    • Richard Smith and Rebecca Buswell to Abigail Smith ~ end of line 2019
    • Roger Buswell and Margaret to Rebecca Buswell ~ end of line 2019
    • Francis Bushnell and Ferris Quenell to Francis Bushnell
    • Thomas Grombridge and Agnes Ives to Mary Grombridge
    • William Lewis and Felix to William Lewis ~end of line Fall 2019
    • William Hopkins and Mary to Mary Hopkins ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Francis Littlefield and Mary to Edmund Littlefield ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Richard Austin and Annis to Annis Austin ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Samuel Cutter and Elizabeth to Joanna Cutter ~end of line Fall 2019
    • George Manning and Joann Wallys to Phebe Manning ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Edward Bulkeley and Olive Irby to Peter Bulkeley 
    • Thomas Allen and Mary Fairclough to Jane Allen ~end of line Fall 2019 
    • Thomas Dewey and Frances to Israel Dewey ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Job Drake and Mary Wolcott to Abigail Drake
    • William Holdridge and Isabelle to William Holdridge ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Robert Quenby and Elizabeth Osgood to Lydia Quenby ~end of line Fall 2022
    • James York and Joanna to James York ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Thomas Bell and Ann to Deborah Bell ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Thomas Hatch and Lydia Gyles to Hannah Hatch 
    • Francis Goole and Rose to Mary Goole ~end of line Fall 2022
    • Joseph Jenckes and Mary to Joseph Jenckes
    • William Ballard and Elizabeth to Esther Ballard ~end of line Fall 2019
  • Speedy
    • James Ashton and Alice to Alice Ashton ~end of line Fall 2019
    • William Field and Jane Sotwell to John Field ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Thomas Olney and Marie Ashton to Thomas Olney ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Thomas Barnes and Anna to Thomas Barnes ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Benjamin Albee and Hannah Miller to Prudence Albee ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Smith 1, 2 and Alice to John Smith ~end of line 2019
    • William Arnold and Christina Peake to Joanna Arnold ~end of line Fall 2019
    • James Williams and Alice Pemberton to Roger Williams ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Richard Barnard to Mary Barnard ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Dominick Wheeler and Mercy Jellye to John Wheeler ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Benjamin Wise and Emma Jennings to Humphrey Wise ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Christopher Pakeman and Cicely to Susan Pakeman 
    • Henry Howland and Margaret to John Howland
    • John Tilley and Joan Hurst to Elizabeth Tilley
    • John Denison and Agnes Wylie to William Denison ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Tobias Chandler and Johanne Momford to Margaret Chandler ~ end of the line Fall 2019
    • Robert Ballou and Susanna to Lydia Ballou ~end of the line Fall 2019
    • George Parkhurst and Phebe Leete to Phebe Parkhurst
    • Wolston Child and Ellen Empson to Benjamin Child
    • Frances Bowen and Ellen Franklen to Griffith Bowen
    • William Heath and Agnes Cheney to Prudence Heath

12th great grandparents

  • Miller
    •  Nicholas Bushnell to Francis Bushnell Francis Bushnell ~end of line Fall 2019
    • Henry Quenell to Ferris Quenell ~end of line Fall 2019
    • John Grombridge and Alice Jupe to Thomas Grombridge ~end of line Fall 2020
    • John Ives and Elizabeth Jennings to Agnes Ives ~end of line Fall 2020
    • Thomas Bulkeley and Elizabeth Grosvenor to Edward Bulkeley
    • John Irby and Rose Overton to Olive Irby
    • John Drake and Lettice Shakespeare to Job Drake ~end of line Fall 2022
    • Henry Wolcott and Elizabeth Saunders to Mary Wolcott 
    • William Hatch and Ann to Hannah Hatch ~end of line Fall 2022
    • John Jenckes and Sarah Fulwater to Joseph Jenckes ~end of line Fall 2022
  • Speedy
    • John and Emma Howland to Henry Howland
    • Robert Tilley and Elizabeth to John Tilley
    • John Pakeman and Susan Hitcham to Christopher Pakeman
    • John Parkhurst to George Parkhurst ~end of line Fall 2022
    • Robert Leete and Alice Gundy to Phebe Leete ~end of line Fall 2022
    • David Child and Letitia Randall to Wolston Child
    • Thomas Empson and Amy Ymal to Ellen Empson ~end of line Fall 2022
    • Thomas Franklen to Ellen Franklen ~end of line Fall 2022
    • Edward Heath and Alice to William Heath ~end of line Fall 2022

13th great grandparents

14th  great grandparents