Angell, Israel letter 1775 to brother Hope

Brother I am much alarmed At the News of the Conduct of the people in Providence And the towns Adjacent, to hear that they are likely to Rise in mobs on the account of Salt’s rising and Some other Small Articles. I beg of Every honest and well meant Person. both in town and country, to Exert them Selves to The utmost of their power to Suppress any riotous proceedings Among your Selves, Especially at this time. For God Sake Let us unite all as one in America. If we don’t, but fall at variance among our Selves, of all God’s Creation we Shall be the most Miserable.

1775 Dec 1:The war is taking a toll. Israel asks his brother about the status of nails. Their brother Elisha could find no nails in Providence. Israel asks if Hope can find some in Newport. The nails are needed to finish up a room is Israel’s home before winter comes. The British brig Nancy has arrived with 2 Brass Six pounders, Canon Shot and “every war like article that can be mentioned”. Colonel Huntington’s wife Faith Trumball hanged herself months after witnessing the end of battle scene at Bunker Hill.

Israel begins the letter thanking GOD (he always capitalized the word god) for the blessing of health and wishing the same for Hope and his family.

Letter from Israel to Hope, December 1, 1775 from Prospect Hill

Rhode Island Historical Society. Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society. Providence. Volumes and cataloging are a little wonky, this is the 1873-1874 copy, Section 7, then page 45. 

Colonel Huntington and his wife -About May 20, 1775

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