I guess, I’m a politician

Things my ancestors could never comprehend: They’d understand the Corona virus, the worldwide epidemic, pandemic, plague, not a new thing, highly contagious diseases have been around for centuries. My ancestors would be in awe modern scientific knowledge and modern medicine.

My ancestors could not understand how casually this President takes his responsibility, his job, his country’s well-being.

This interview is from March 7th, 4 months after the Coronavirus appeared, 2 days before Italy was shut down, 4 days before the World Health Organization calls the virus a pandemic – that’s like a worldwide catastrophe, as in most everybody in the world is affected so officials, mayors, governors, presidents and world leaders should be finalizing the plans their administrations have been working on since their inauguration or at least since December 2019. USA death toll was at 17, unknown number of total cases, no nationwide testing was/is happening.

Crazy how these words just tumble out of his head.

Q    Mr. President, you were shaking a lot of hands today, taking a lot of posed pictures.  Are you protecting yourself at all?  How are you – how are you staying away from germs?

THE PRESIDENT:  Not at all.  No, not at all.  You know, I’m a person that was never big on the hand-shaking deal throughout my life.  They used to criticize me for it or laugh about it or have fun with it.  But if you’re a politician – like, I walk in, and the doctors have their hands out – “Hello, sir.  How are you?”  I – if you don’t shake hands, they’re not going to like you too much.  And I guess that’s my business; I never thought I’d be a politician.  I guess, I’m a politician.

But the fact is I feel very secure.  I feel very secure.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, we’re considering different things.  But we’re also considering the fact that last year we had approximately 36,000 deaths due to what’s called the flu.  And I was – when I first heard this four, five, six weeks ago – when I was hearing the amount of people that died with flu, I was shocked to hear it.  Anywhere from 27,000 to 70,000 or 77,000.  And I guess they said, in 1990, that was in particular very bad; it was higher than that.

As of the time I left the plane with you, we had 240 cases.  That’s at least what was on a very fine network known as Fox News.  And you love it.  But that’s what I happened to be watching.

And how was the show last night?  Did it get good ratings, by the way?

Q    I – I don’t, sir.

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, really?  I heard it broke all ratings records, but maybe that’s wrong.  That’s what they told me.  I don’t know.  I can’t imagine that.

And you’re smiling when I say that.  Who are you from, by the way?

Q    I’m – I’m from CNN.

THE PRESIDENT:  You are?  I don’t watch CNN.  That’s why I don’t recognize you.

Q    Oh, okay.  Well, nice to meet you.

THE PRESIDENT:  I really don’t – I don’t watch it.  I don’t watch CNN because CNN is fake news.

From the President’s White House via https://www.whitehouse.gov/remarks/ . Link to this specific interview with reporter Peter (no last name given probably Beinart). Remarks by President Trump After Tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Atlanta, GA, Issued on: March 7, 2020

You’re not even allowed to do that in Grand Theft Auto 2013

A thing my ancestors could never have imagined: not the video game Grand Theft Auto but the real life 21st century Johnson & Johnson company and some American doctors in 2013.

John Stewart via  the Daily Show 2013, December 5th, “Holy shit. They knowingly bribed doctors to give useless drugs to old people, the disabled and babies,” a stunned Stewart said. “You’re not even allowed to do that in ‘Grand Theft Auto.” Johnson & Johnson, this company https://www.jnj.com/



Page 11 Family Pride 1930

Stand on the busiest corner of New York City and detain the first 500 people who pass either on foot or in any variety of vehicle. Line them up and look them over. Say that they roughly correspond, person for person, with each of our first American ancestors, and we shall not be far wrong. There will be, most likely, a very few of exceptional ability, and a very few scoundrels, the great majority will be passably good citizens, mediocre and commonplace. If it be objected that many of those hypothetically drawn into our net on the metropolitan corner may be foreigners, the obvious reply is, that every single one of our first colonial ancestors was a foreigner.

Page 11 Family Pride
Jacobus, Donald. Genealogy As Pastime And Profession. New Haven, Conn., The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor company, 1930