Martha Angell b. 1747

Martha Angell 6th great grandma on RootsMagic tree

Martha was born February 13, 1747 in Providence, Rhode island. Her parents were Stephen and Martha Olney Angell. Both the Angell and Olney families were original (white, English) settlers in Providence. Martha’s 2nd great grandpas Thomas Angell, Thomas Olney, John Whipple and great grandpa Roger Williams all signed the 1640 Providence Agreement and were all on the 1636 original census.

Martha married Israel Angell, a distant cousin February 20, 1765 and they had 11 kids. Israel fought in the American Revolution from 1775 until 1781, Martha was 28 when Israel first left for war. From digital book Israel Angell Colonel of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment, at HathiTrust. “Martha conducted all their home affairs bravely and well, in Colonel Angell’s diaries, “tarried at my house to-day, and found all well”. Therefore, while we consider the character of Israel Angell let us not forget the sweet and enduring influence of Martha, his capable and patriotic wife, who throughout the term of his service in the Army, safeguarded their home and children with unswerving devotion to her family and her country”. Martha died in 1793 at age 46. Her mom died the same year at age 86. Martha and Israel were buried in their family cemetery, on their farm then in 1918 their burial site was moved to the North Burial Ground Cemetery in Providence.

After Martha’s death Israel Angell married 2 more times and had 5 more kids, father to 16 total, he lived to age 91. Israel and Martha’s son Asa married Cynthia Hill from another family of original English settlers in Massachusetts. Asa and Cynthia’s son Dexter had a daughter Delia who ended up in Butler County, Iowa near Mehitable Angell who was Israel and 2nd wife’s daughter. Delia was the grandma of Philippa Mockford Speedy, mom of Elizabeth Speedy Roose.


Mehitable Angell b. 1800

Mehitable Angell 6th great aunt on RootsMagic tree.
Mehitable was born January 31, 1800 in Johnston, Rhode Island to Israel and Susannah Luther Angell. Israel Angell’s life is documented because he was a Colonel in the American Revolution and he and General George Washington wrote letters back and forth. Israel also explored the west from August 4 to October 9, 1788. The ‘west’ only went as far as Ohio, Israel kept a journal of his travels, these are published in Rhode Island History magazine of January and April, 1963. Israel’s kids would have heard stories of his western travels. Only 2 of his 17 kids moved west: Mehitable and her younger brother Henry.

Mehitable married William Wilkinson. Henry married William’s sister Eliza Wilkinson and they all moved across the country, first stop Hennepin, Illinois where they were on the 1850 census. Henry and his family stayed there in Illinois. Mehitable and her family went 200 miles further west to Jefferson Township in Buchanan County, Iowa where they were on the 1856 Iowa census. When the Wilkinson’s set up their home it would have been on acres and acres of prairie- Iowa was 80% tall grass prairie in 1850. Mehitable’s family farmed, she and William had four children they stayed there in Jefferson Township. Mehitable was a widow the last 12 years of her life and lived with her son and family. She is buried in Spring Creek Cemetery. The address is LaPorte City, Iowa and it’s surrounded by cornfields on three sides, I 380 is on the 4th side. From the cemetery a person can see the interstate. From the interstate in certain seasons a person can see the cemetery.
Headstone Mahetebel Wilkinson wife of W B Wilkinson

Mehitable Angell is probably the reason Delia and Charles Angell ended up in Iowa. When Delia’s mom died in 1847 her dad Dexter went to New York where his dad and brothers were. Delia and Charles stayed in Indiana with their older sister, then left for Iowa. Delia stayed with Charles and his family until she married and had a daughter Matilda Flood, who had a daughter Philippa Mockford who had a daughter Elizabeth Speedy.


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Oliver Angell b. 1717

Oliver Angell 7th great grandpa on RootsMagic tree.
Oliver was born February 20, 1717, the 2nd of Hope and Lydia Olney Angell’s 7 children. On June 13, 1740 Oliver and Naomi Smith were married by Reverend Josiah Cotton in Providence, Rhode Island. Oliver and Naomi farmed and raised 7 children in Providence. Oliver was also a ‘cooper’ he made barrels, baskets and casks; a carpenter and a shoemaker.

Angell, Hope and Lydia Olney, their children

Hope Angell and Lydia Olney, children.

Oliver died on April 1, 1799, his wife Naomi died December 3, 1799 and their grand daughter Adah died October 9, 1799. These 3 Angells and 16 others are buried in the Rhode Island Hist. Cemetery North Providence #8, also known as the Hope Angell Lot, or the Oliver Angell Lot. This tiny cemetery has 19 burials, was originally on Angell farmland and is now in a residential area between two houses. If you’re related to Elizabeth Speedy Roose, you’re related to 17 of the 19 buried there, all but Elisha Angell’s 2 wives.

Oliver Angell has an obituary posted on his Find a Grave Memorial

“Providence Gazette, April 6, 1799, p. 2:
At North-Providence, on the 1st inst. Mr. Oliver Angell, in the 83d year of his age, who sustained an unblemished character. As a citizen he was firm in the support of government; as a husband he was kind and affectionate; as a parent he taught his children the love of virtue in their early years, and by his example daily set before them, shewed that he had himself experienced the happy effects. Few who lived to his advanced age could say, as he did, that he was never sued at law, nor sued any person, but lived in peace with them all.”

The 19 burials in the Hope and/or Oliver Angell Lot
1, 2 Oliver and Naomi Smith Angell
3 Ruth Angell daughter
4, 5 Elisha Angell, son and his wife Anna Fenner
6, 7, 8, 9 – Elisha’s son Fenner Angell, Fenner’s wife Mary Smith Angell, their son Zachariah Angell, Elisha’s 2nd wife Mary Dean Angell.
10, 11, 12, Hope Angell son and his wife Avis Olney, their daughter Adah.
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 – Hope’s son Smith Angell, Smith’s wife Freelove Harris, their daughters Asenath and Minerva, their sons Horace Lafayette, Thomas and Zalmon.



Elmer Angell b. 1890

Elmer Angell 2nd cousin 3 times removed on RootsMagic tree

Angell, Elmer Honor Roll

Private Elmer Angell

Elmer was born February 17 1890, the first and only child of Leander and Nancy Trobaugh Angell. On the 1900 US census Elmer was 10 years old, and in school. On the 1910 census he was a laborer and worked odd jobs with 0 weeks of not working. In 1917 Elmer was 27 and drafted in to World War 1. Elmer registered in June of 1917, with all men between the ages of 21 and 31. The draft card has a description: single with no dependents, automobile mechanic by trade, unemployed, medium height and build with blue eyes and brown hair’.  In August of 1917 Elmer married Ella Tibbits in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Elmer was one of the ’73 Registrants to Answer Roll Call in Allison’, to fill the quota from Butler County printed in the February 20 1918 Iowa (Greene) Recorder. The front page shows the 73, gives some facts about the 6,000,000 + men already dead in the war and includes SCHOOL NOTES: The High School are observing Na­tional Song Week by singing ‘America’ and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ whenever the entire student body are together.

Angell, Elmer drafted

1918 February 20, 73 from Butler County, Iowa are drafted.

Tibbits, Ella M

Photo of Ella Tibbits Angell at Find a Grave.

Five days later on Feb. 25 there was a patriotic rally. In May of 1918 Elmer was in Camp Logan Illinois, then in France by May, 1918. Private Angell served with Company D, 129th Infantry, of the 33rd Division. The 33rd Division was part of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Elmer was one of 26,277 American soldiers killed in this battle. He died in France. His funeral was December 18, 1918 with burial (some time later) in Antioch Cemetery in Clarksville, Iowa.

Iowa (Greene) recorder, Digital Archives
1918 Feb 20 page 1 of 8, column 3 top drafted

Ella Mayzell Tibbits and Elmer Angell at at FindAGrave

At HathiTrust
An honor roll containing a pictorial record of the gallant About page 19




Amphyllis Angell b. 1636

Amphyllis Angell 10th great aunt, on RootsMagic tree

Amphyllis was the daughter of Thomas Angell, an original pioneer of Rhode Island. She was born about 1636, lived through the beginnings of her country and when she died in 1694 the American Revolution was still 80 years in the future. Amphyllis married Edward Smith on May 9, 1663. Twice Edward and she were in the Early records of Providence with an ‘intention’ of marriage.

In 1687 Providence, Rhode Island, the townspeople were summoned. Anyone over the age of 16 had to supply a list of their real and personal estate, their possessions. A tax rate was set up, it was the Majesty’s Rate for King James II. Edward Smith, Amphyllis Angell’s husband was chosen as Commissioner for “ye mannageing ye bissnesse of his Majesties Rate. All which persons & Estates, are by ye sd Com. & ye sd Select men, to be assesed & rated as followeth vizt Every person aforesd, One shill & Eight pence by the head, & all Estates reall & personall att one penny for every twenty shill”.

The early records of the town of Providence pages 98-103 shows a list of persons taxed, male and female, anyone with an estate. This list of taxpayers in 1687 Providence contains Speedy ancestors: Angell, Arnold, Ashton, Olney, Williams; and a probable Miller ancestor: Johnathan Sprague. This tax or Majesty’s Rate lasted about 1 year and ended in 1688 when King James II lost the throne.

Amphyllis and Edward had at least 4 children, probably more. Edward Smith died without a will in 1693. Amphyllis and son Edward Jr presented Edward’s inventory to the council and asked to be administrators. Amphyllis died about 1 year after her husband.


  • Early records of Providence volume 17 page 93. September 1687 taxes
  • Early records of Providence volume 3 page 32 and 35. Edward and Amphyllis’s marriages intentions

George Thorndike Angell b. 1823

3rd cousin 4 generations from Elizabeth Speedy who married Stanley Roose
GGeorge_Thorndike_Angelleorge Thorndike Angell was the son of George and Rebeka Thorndike Angell born in 1823, Southbridge Massachusetts. George graduated from Harvard Law School. At a horse race in 1866 George witnesses two horses being ‘run to death’. This changed the course his life. He founded and become president of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the American Humane Education Society. He created and edited Our Dumb Animals a publication aimed at teaching kindness and caring towards animals. George’s quote, “I am sometimes asked ‘Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?’ I answer: ‘I am working at the roots.” George died March 16, 1909 in Boston at his rooms in the Hotel Westminster.
Angell, George T monument

monument at John Stephen Dwyer [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

Angell, George T. and Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Our Dumb Animals. Boston, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Golden Rule, Israel Angell and Anson Burlingame

Israel Angell 4th great grandfather and Anson Burlingame 2nd cousin 3 generations away from Elizabeth Speedy who married Stanley Roose Sr.

Israel Angell, colonel in the American Revolution wrote a lot: letters, diaries. It’s probable that Israel’s great grandson Anson Burlingame when an ambassador, minister or envoy in St Petersburg, Russia had a trunk with a majority of Israel’s papers. Anson died suddenly in St Petersburg and the trunk of Israel’s papers was lost. Anson Burlingame is known for creating an honorable relationship with China and for calling out Senator Preston Brooks and challenging Brooks to a duel after Brooks assaulted a fellow Senator, knocking him unconscious with a cane, at the Capital, in the Senate Chamber, this really happened in May, 1856.

Still lots of Israel’s letters survived.

In one letter in June, 1797, Israel is writing about these new (not so great) neighbors who who took the place of former really great neighbors:Golden Rule

Every ancestor or person has a rich, full, fantastical life.
Ancestors highly accomplished for their time have much more available info.

Israel Angell, colonel of the 2nd Rhode Island regiment, by Louise Lewis Lovell.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. 

Anson Burlingame and a duel

Caning of Charles Sumner 1856

Burlingame, AnsonPortrait of Anson Burlingame
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Print Collection, The New York Public Library. “Hon. Anson Burlingame [Frontispiece, Sep. 1868, Vol. 71]” The New York Public Library Digital Collections.