Golden Rule, Israel Angell and Anson Burlingame

Israel Angell 4th great grandfather and Anson Burlingame 2nd cousin 3 generations away from Elizabeth Speedy who married Stanley Roose Sr.

Israel Angell, colonel in the American Revolution wrote a lot: letters, diaries. It’s probable that Israel’s great grandson Anson Burlingame when an ambassador, minister or envoy in St Petersburg, Russia had a trunk with a majority of Israel’s papers. Anson died suddenly in St Petersburg and the trunk of Israel’s papers was lost. Anson Burlingame is known for creating an honorable relationship with China and for calling out Senator Preston Brooks and challenging Brooks to a duel after Brooks assaulted a fellow Senator, knocking him unconscious with a cane, at the Capital, in the Senate Chamber, this really happened in May, 1856.

Still lots of Israel’s letters survived.

In one letter in June, 1797, Israel is writing about these new (not so great) neighbors who who took the place of former really great neighbors:Golden Rule

Every ancestor or person has a rich, full, fantastical life.
Ancestors highly accomplished for their time have much more available info.

Israel Angell, colonel of the 2nd Rhode Island regiment, by Louise Lewis Lovell.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. 

Anson Burlingame and a duel

Caning of Charles Sumner 1856

Burlingame, AnsonPortrait of Anson Burlingame
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Print Collection, The New York Public Library. “Hon. Anson Burlingame [Frontispiece, Sep. 1868, Vol. 71]” The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Dexter Angell b. 1794

Dexter Angell was perhaps the favorite grandson of Israel Angell. Israel’s letter to his son Asa no date, has Israel remembering Dexter and hoping to see him soon.

Angell, Israel to son Asa re grandson Dexter

Israel’s letter to his favorite grandson, Dexter

Dexter was born in Providence and died in northeastern New York. By age 20 he was in Prairieton, Indiana where he owned land, farmed, married and had a family 2 daughters and 1 son. When his wife Clementina Benight died in 1847 Dexter returned to Rhode Island, married Betsy Gazley they had a son Julius.

In 1831 the year before Israel died Dexter was definitely in Rhode Island and on the Committee to investigate the Governor of Rhode Island, Lemuel Arnold so probably stopped in Providence to see his granddad in 1831. Dexter would have been 37, Israel was 90, twice a widow and married to his 3rd wife.

Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854) > Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916) > Matilda Elizabeth Flood (1858 – 1940) > Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979) > Elizabeth Matilda Speedy (1917 – 2005)

Lovell, Louise Lewis. Israel Angell: Colonel of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment. New York, The Knickerbocker press (G.P. Putnam’s sons), 1921

National Republican Party (U.S.). Rhode Island. Examination of Certain Charges Against Lemuel H. Arnold, Esq., the National Republican Candidate for Governor. Providence, 1831.

Delia Viola Angell b. 1839

Delia Viola Angell: 3rd great grandmother on RootsMagic tree

Delia was born February 24 1839 in Prairieton Indiana, the third child of Dexter Angell and Clementine Benight. In 1847 Delia’s mom died, her dad Dexter seems to have lived between Indiana NewYork and Rhode Island. He was remarried in Rhode Island by 1850 when Delia was living with her older sister Elizabeth in Prairieton. Delia’s dad died in 1854 when Delia was living in with her older brother Charles in Butler County, Iowa. Delia, Elizabeth, Charles and  their stepbrother Julius are named heirs in their dad’s 1854 will, Delia and Julius are minors.

Angell, Delia heir at 15

The Angell siblings may or may not have known that their great grandfather Israel Angell was a Revolutionary War Colonel, a friend of George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette (inscribed on Israel’s headstone). And that their 5th great grandfather Thomas Angell founded Providence, Rhode Island with Roger Williams in 1636, after being banished from Massachusetts for religious reasons.

In 1856, age 17 Delia married William Flood, they had 8 children. The Flood family stayed in Butler County, Iowa, owned land and farmed. William was in the Civil War so Delia as a widow received a widow’s pension of $5, annually, that’s $5 each year. Delia remained good friends with Mrs Hickle, they were farm neighbors in 1895 and spent the day together in 1916 probably taking about how much things had changed in 22 years.

Israel Angell b. 1740

Israel Angell 4th great grandfather of Elizabeth Speedy b. 1917 who married Stanley Roose, Sr b. 1915
In 1775 Israel was in Prospect Hill outside of Boston after the  Battle of Bunker Hill which followed the Siege of Boston, which is considered the beginning of the American Revolution.  Israel is a major and in the thick of it. This letter concerns 2 things: nails to finish his home for the winter and people arguing with each other about insignificant things instead of standing together for the revolution.
The full letter is here, from a book. (Israel Angell’s handwriting is described as ‘one of the finest specimens of penmanship we have in the Archives of Washington’)
Prospect Hill, December the 1st, 1775.
Dear Brother: I take this opportunity to inform you that I Still Enjoy that Blessing which is my health, GOD be praised; and I hope that You and all yours Receive the Same blessing. I was informed by Our brother Elisha that there were no nails to be had in Providence, but that you thought likely there wore Some in Newport. If there is, pray Brother, send and get them, and See that one Room is finished this winter, otherwise I Shall be very Discontented about my family. Let Me know what Sum of money you Shall want to Carry on the Business and I will Send it as Soon as possible. There are no Nails to be had in this part of the world.
Brother I am much alarmed At the News of the Conduct of the people in Providence And the towns Adjacent, to hear that they are likely to Rise in mobs on the account of Salt’s rising and Some other Small Articles. I beg of Every honest and well meant Person, both in town and country, to Exert them Selves to The utmost of their power to Suppress any riotous proceedings Among your Selves, Especially at this time. For God Sake Let us unite all as one in America. If we don’t, but fall at variance among our Selves, of all GOD’s Creation we Shall be the most Miserable.
Israel Angell (1740 – 1832) > Asa Angell (1771 – 1842) > Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854) > Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916) > Matilda Elizabeth Flood (1858 – 1940) > Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979) > Elizabeth Speedy (1917 – 2005) married Stanley Roose (1915 – 2004).

Insults in 1672

Deborah Angell, daughter of Thomas, the original ancestor of this Angell branch, married Stephen Sabeere in 1668:

This present writing may certify all present shall come that the Generall Sergeant Did publish the baines if matrymonye betwixt Steeuen Sabeere and Deborah Angell both Late of Newport at two seuerl meetings of the Genr Courts held at Newport in my Audience Given under my hand this 7th of November John Green Assistant 1668

Volume 3 page 104 of Providence (R.I.). Record Commissioners. The Early Records of the Town of Providence. Providence: Snow and Farnham, city printers, 1892. At HathiTrust.

Deborah and Stephen had a family, probably owned land and probably stayed in the Providence Rhode Island area. On November 19 of 1672 Stephen had some trouble: Stephen calls Henry Palmer’s wife a witch, Henry calls Stephen a French dog and french Roug.

28 Award of John Easton to James Barker about Henry Palmer and Stephen Sebeere.  Thirdly Wee do Award Stephen Sebeere shall acknowlidge unto Henry Palmer done ronge unto him and his wife in sayinge that his wife is a witch Fourthly Wee do award. Henry Palmer, acknowlidge that he hath done Ronge in callinge Stephen Sebeere French dog and french Roug 19th day of Nov. 1672:  John Easton  James Barker

Volume 1 page 25. Worthington, Dorothy and Rhode Island Historical Society. Rhode Island Land Evidences, Vol. I, 1648-1696: Abstracts. Providence:Rhode Island Historical Society 1921. At HathiTrust.


Angell, Israel letter 1775 to brother Hope

Brother I am much alarmed At the News of the Conduct of the people in Providence And the towns Adjacent, to hear that they are likely to Rise in mobs on the account of Salt’s rising and Some other Small Articles. I beg of Every honest and well meant Person. both in town and country, to Exert them Selves to The utmost of their power to Suppress any riotous proceedings Among your Selves, Especially at this time. For God Sake Let us unite all as one in America. If we don’t, but fall at variance among our Selves, of all God’s Creation we Shall be the most Miserable.

1775 Dec 1:The war is taking a toll. Israel asks his brother about the status of nails. Their brother Elisha could find no nails in Providence. Israel asks if Hope can find some in Newport. The nails are needed to finish up a room is Israel’s home before winter comes. The British brig Nancy has arrived with 2 Brass Six pounders, Canon Shot and “every war like article that can be mentioned”. Colonel Huntington’s wife Faith Trumball hanged herself months after witnessing the end of battle scene at Bunker Hill.

Israel begins the letter thanking GOD (he always capitalized the word god) for the blessing of health and wishing the same for Hope and his family.

Letter from Israel to Hope, December 1, 1775 from Prospect Hill

Rhode Island Historical Society. Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society. Providence. Volumes and cataloging are a little wonky, this is the 1873-1874 copy, Section 7, then page 45. 

Colonel Huntington and his wife -About May 20, 1775

Wikipedia contributors. “Jedediah Huntington.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Nov. 2016. Web. 26 Jul. 2017

Charles Angell b. 1825

Charles Angell 4th great uncle, Delia’s older brother farmed in Iowa from about 1850 until the turn of the century. By 1852 Charles was married to Eleanor Black, they may have married in Illinois. They had at least two children, Leander and Mary Alice. In 1854 Charles inherits a quarter of his father Dexter Angell’s estate which may have been substantial. In 1870 Charles’s 120 acre farm is valued at $4800. He keeps 4 horses, 5 milk cows, 5 other cows, 41 sheep and 17 swine. The farm produces 240 bushels of wheat, 350 of Indian corn and 180 of oats. 146 pounds of wool are produced along with 30 pounds of potatoes and 150 pounds of butter; 40 bales of hay and 40 gallons of molasses.


U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1870; Butler, Iowa; Archive Collection Number: T1156; Roll: 6; Page: 1; Line: 23; Schedule Type: Agriculture -at Ancestry $.

New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999 Wills, 1792-1922; New York. Surrogate’s Court (Chenango County); Chenango, New York -at Ancestry $

Hope Angell 1780 recruiting for the Revolution

July 1780 a Revolution in the making:
Be it therefore enacted by this General Assembly, that the persons here-after named be, empowered and directed, to form all male persons sixteen years and upwards, residing within their respective towns (deserters, Indians, mulattoes and negroes excepted), into classes; and each of the said classes is directed to furnish one able-bodied, effective man, by the 12th day of July instant.

And it is further enacted, that the following persons be appointed in the respective towns, for the purpose, afore-said, to wit  

Names of Person appointed by the General Assembly for the several Towns to receive Recruits. North Providence Messrs. Eleazer Jenckes, Eleazer Whipple, Hope Angell, Thomas Olney and Christopher Whipple

In 1780 Hope Angell 7th great uncle was 38, his older brother Israel  6th great grandfather was 40; and in the midst of the American Revolution which lasted, very generally, from 1774-1782. The above is from Records of the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in New England : Printed by order of the General assembly at HathiTrust, specifically volume 9 of 10, pages 126-128.

At a previous session the second Monday in June 1780 (page 101), the Assembly voted to ‘raise’ 610 able bodied men for the state’s Continental battalions. By the first Monday in July 1780 assembly meeting, Rhode Island was still short in men, so groups were appointed, in each town to classify and enlist some men as soldiers.

This one assembly gathering goes on for pages, some items included:

  1. Captain Stephen Olney, paymaster of Colonel Israel Angell’s battalion taking pairs of overalls and shirts to  men (page 134).
  2. Monsieur Lewis Ethis de Corny, of the French Army unable to find a suitable house in Providence (page 120).
  3. consequences for able men not doing their duty, money for men doing their duty.

The assembly ends (page 149) with: God save the United States of America, and letters written between William Greene, Governor of Rhode Island and General Washington.


Records of the Colony of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations, In New England: Printed by Order of the General Assembly, volume 9 begins page 126, several pages at HathiTrust.


Angell 2016 Jun 23

There’s always more to the story.

Delia Viola Angell Flood (3rd great grandmother) was named in her father Dexter Angell’s will with younger half brother Julius and older sister and brother Elizabeth and Charles. Delia and Julius were ‘infants’ in the law’s eyes, so the lawyer had to arrange guardians. The guardians may have been Henry Haynes and Lewis Angell, brothers of Dexter.

The same Dexter Angell (4th great grandfather) circa 1872 had in his possession “the gold medal awarded by Gen. Lafayette, to Col. Israel Angell.” Israel was Dexter’s grandfather – and Dexter was his favorite, probably how he got that gold medal presented to his grandpa by French revolutionary Lafayette. A note from Israel “N.B. I Remember my love in particular to My little Grandson Dexter, and tell him that his poor old Grandaddy intends (GOD willing) to Come & see him before one year to an End. I. A.”