Delia Viola Angell b. 1839

Delia Viola Angell: 3rd great grandmother on RootsMagic tree

Delia was born February 24 1839 in Prairieton Indiana, the third child of Dexter Angell and Clementine Benight. In 1847 Delia’s mom died, her dad Dexter seems to have lived between Indiana NewYork and Rhode Island. He was remarried in Rhode Island by 1850 when Delia was living with her older sister Elizabeth in Prairieton. Delia’s dad died in 1854 when Delia was living in with her older brother Charles in Butler County, Iowa. Delia, Elizabeth, Charles and  their stepbrother Julius are named heirs in their dad’s 1854 will, Delia and Julius are minors.

Angell, Delia heir at 15

The Angell siblings may or may not have known that their great grandfather Israel Angell was a Revolutionary War Colonel, a friend of George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette (inscribed on Israel’s headstone). And that their 5th great grandfather Thomas Angell founded Providence, Rhode Island with Roger Williams in 1636, after being banished from Massachusetts for religious reasons.

In 1856, age 17 Delia married William Flood, they had 8 children. The Flood family stayed in Butler County, Iowa, owned land and farmed. William was in the Civil War so Delia as a widow received a widow’s pension of $5, annually, that’s $5 each year. Delia remained good friends with Mrs Hickle, they were farm neighbors in 1895 and spent the day together in 1916 probably taking about how much things had changed in 22 years.