Israel Angell b. 1740

Israel Angell 4th great grandfather of Elizabeth Speedy b. 1917 who married Stanley Roose, Sr b. 1915
In 1775 Israel was in Prospect Hill outside of Boston after the  Battle of Bunker Hill which followed the Siege of Boston, which is considered the beginning of the American Revolution.  Israel is a major and in the thick of it. This letter concerns 2 things: nails to finish his home for the winter and people arguing with each other about insignificant things instead of standing together for the revolution.
The full letter is here, from a book. (Israel Angell’s handwriting is described as ‘one of the finest specimens of penmanship we have in the Archives of Washington’)
Prospect Hill, December the 1st, 1775.
Dear Brother: I take this opportunity to inform you that I Still Enjoy that Blessing which is my health, GOD be praised; and I hope that You and all yours Receive the Same blessing. I was informed by Our brother Elisha that there were no nails to be had in Providence, but that you thought likely there wore Some in Newport. If there is, pray Brother, send and get them, and See that one Room is finished this winter, otherwise I Shall be very Discontented about my family. Let Me know what Sum of money you Shall want to Carry on the Business and I will Send it as Soon as possible. There are no Nails to be had in this part of the world.
Brother I am much alarmed At the News of the Conduct of the people in Providence And the towns Adjacent, to hear that they are likely to Rise in mobs on the account of Salt’s rising and Some other Small Articles. I beg of Every honest and well meant Person, both in town and country, to Exert them Selves to The utmost of their power to Suppress any riotous proceedings Among your Selves, Especially at this time. For God Sake Let us unite all as one in America. If we don’t, but fall at variance among our Selves, of all GOD’s Creation we Shall be the most Miserable.
Israel Angell (1740 – 1832) > Asa Angell (1771 – 1842) > Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854) > Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916) > Matilda Elizabeth Flood (1858 – 1940) > Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979) > Elizabeth Speedy (1917 – 2005) married Stanley Roose (1915 – 2004).