Charts, PDFs, printables

In family history, printing is final. Final is the end, done- with no going back to correct that spelling error, update that birth record, add a birthplace. I’m a million miles away from a final printable family history book. These charts and PDFs are beginnings. All are created with genealogy software: Family Tree Maker, Mac Family Tree or RootsMagic

Ancestors of Cable, Miller, Roose, Speedy

These PDFs include pedigree charts, family group sheets, name and place indexes. Miller and Speedy branches are 10+ generations back to the 1600s. Cable and Roose branches are 3 generations back to the 1800s. Made with RootsMagic 7.

  • Cable PDF, 10 pages August 2019
  • Miller PDF, 28 pages August 2019
  • Speedy PDF, 21 pages August 2019
  • Roose PDF, 16 pages August 2019

MacFamilyTree with a few clicks produces the most beautiful charts, best viewed online not printed, full color PDFs, zoom in as needed. These charts were made Winter 2017 and in Fall 2019 they’re all outdated, incorrect, each of theses families have more ancestors. Plan to update Winter 2019 eventually.

Fan charts Cable, Miller, Roose, Speedy

Double ancestor charts Miller and Speedy

Two ancestors, my 2nd paternal and 3rd maternal great grandmas, appear on the Iowa prairie through a series of ordinary or extraordinary events. These double ancestor charts are huge, zoom in to see detail. Charts were made Winter 2017 on Mac Family Tree.

Charts, lists, sheets: Cable Miller Roose Speedy

Family Tree Maker pedigree charts and family group sheets offer quick views. These were made Fall of 2018. Gladys Cable family updated Jan 2019, DNA confirmed parents of Mary Fries.

Gladys Cable married Faber Miller

Faber Miller married Gladys Cable

Stanley Roose married Elizabeth Speedy

Elizabeth Speedy married Stanley Roose