Jane Metcalf b.1633

Jane Metcalf 9th great grandmother on RootsMagic tree.

Jane Metcalf was baptized at Saint Edmund Church in Norfolk, England on March 29, 1633. The baptism record – almost unreadable in handwriting from 4 centuries ago- includes the year 1633, Jane’s name, her dad Michel (Michael) and mom Sara(h).

Metcalf, Jane 1633 baptism

Jane Metcalf baptism March 29, 1633, with parents at Saint Edmund Church in Norfolk, England.

Jane was the 7th child of Michael and Sarah Ellwyn Metcalf and her whole family sailed from northern England to Boston arriving in June of 1637, three days before midsummer, 17 years after the Mayflower. In 1654 at age 22 Jane married Philip Walker in Boston. The Walker family moved to south Rehoboth, Massachusetts. In 1664 Jane’s father died, she inherited 40 shillings. King Philips War hit Rehoboth hard, Jane and her family would have lived through several attacks which included burning homes and entire towns. Her husband Philip and oldest son Samuel probably fought in the war. In 1679 Jane was a widow at age 47. She married her 2nd husband John Polley, lived another 20 years and left a will with her son Samuel Walker as executor.



Michael Metcalfe b. 1587

Michael Metcalfe (8th great grandfather of Elizabeth Speedy who married Stanley Roose) was b.1587 into a long line of Metcalfs (not yet on my family tree). He lived in Tatterford and Norwich England, was a weaver and married Sarah Ellwyn. Michael was a Puritan in England which led to trouble in the 1630s when he felt persecuted by Archbishop Laud and Bishop Wren. Both bishops were eventually charged with various crimes and locked in the Tower of London. Wren was let go and Laud was executed.

“I was persecuted in the land of my fathers’ sepulchres for not bowing at the name of Jesus and observing the ceremonies inforced upon me at the instance of Bishop Wren of Norwich, and his Chancellor Dr. Corbet, whose violent measures troubled me in the Bishop’s court, and returned me into the High Commissioner’s Court. Suffering many times for the cause of religion, I was forced for the sake of the liberty of my conscience to flee from my wife and children to go into New England; taking ship for the voyage at London, 17th Sept., 1636, and being by tempests tossed up and down the seas till the Christmas following; and then veering about to Plymouth in Old England. Leaving the ship I went down to Yarmouth, in Co. Norfolk, whence I finally shipped myself and family to come to New England; sailed April 15, 1637, and arrived three days before Midsummer with my wife, nine children, and a servant, Thomas Comberbach, aged 16.” Excerpts from a letter written in Plymouth England January 13, 1636 NEHGR Volume 6 page 171 at Archive.org

In April 1637 the family got ready to sail to America: The examinacion of Michill Metcalfe of Norwich, Dornix weauer, aged 45 yeares and Sarrah his wife, aged 39 yeares, with 8 Children, Michill: Thomas: Marey: Sarrah: Elizabeth: Martha: Joane: and Rebeca: and his Saruant Thomas Comberbach, aged 16 yeares, are desirous to passe to boston in New England to inhabit. At NEHGR Volume 14 page 325 at Archive.orghttp://bit.ly/2C641ig

The family with Michael, Sarah, 9 kids and a servant landed in Boston on or about June 24, 1637. The Metcalfs settled in Dedham, Connecticut. Michael was a townsmen, a selectman and on the committee to create the meeting house. His will left various possessions and money amounts to his 2nd wife Mary, children and grandchildren with one grandchild getting the ‘Largest gray Horsmann’s coate’ and son John getting all the books.

Michael Metcalfe (1587 – 1664)
Jane Metcalfe (1632 – 1701)
Samuel Walker (1655 – 1712)
Timothy Walker (1687 – 1745)
Eunice Walker (1728 – 1772)
Cynthia Hill (1763 – 1830)
Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854)
Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916)
Matilda Flood (1858 – 1940)
Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979)
Elizabeth Speedy (1917 – 2005) m. Stanley Roose (1915 – 2004)