Mathias Druckenbrod b. 1750

Mathias Druckenbrod 5th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree

Mathias Druckenbrod was born about 1750 in Pennsylvania, British America. Mathias married Fronica (Verona or Veronica) Meinzer, he was about 33.

Mathias is on the first official US census of 1790 living in Lancaster, PA about 20 miles west of the nation’s capital Philadelphia. 1794 on December 18, Mathias Druckenbrod and Jacob Feierstein apply for 100 acres of land “commonly called mountain Land, they come before the justices and upon their solemn affirmation this land is vacant, witness our hands”.  Mathias marks this land bill of sale.

Five days later December 23, 1794  Mathias and Jacob agree to pay the rate of fifty  shillings per 100 acres in gold, silver, paper money  to The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 136 acres of land. In 1795 and 1797 Mathias was in the Pennsylvania Militia, Lancaster County and probably fought in the American Revolution.

Lancaster Regiment 1795

In the 1830 census a Mathias Druckenbrod age 60+ along with a female age 60+ and a male and female 20-39 are recorded in Elizabeth, Lancaster PA. Before 1850 on federal census only the heads of the house male or female were named, the tick marks showed additional residents by age and gender, free or slave.


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Faber J Druckenbrod b. 1899

Faber J Druckenbrod was the son of Ivy Druckenbrod, brother to Fiana Druckenbrod, mother of Lola Miller, mother to Faber Miller who married Gladys Cable.

Faber was born in 1899 Stark County, Ohio to Ivy and Elta Combs Druckenbrod. Faber’s dad (Fiana’s brother) Ivy was Superintendent of the Stark Infirmary. The family lived at the infirmary, a huge stone mansion, when Faber and his brother were kids. Ivy died in 1916 and his widow Elta began traveling. In 1920 she sailed from Key West, Florida to Cuba. In 1924 she sailed from New York to Cherbourg, France. Elta and Faber made this European trip together with Faber staying longer in Europe, photos of the ship Elta sailed on.

In 1939 Elta, with her son Faber and his wife Grace, visited Greene, Iowa. They spent a weekend with Lola (Fiana’s daughter) and her husband William E Miller. It’s a pretty strong probability that Lola and William’s son Faber visited with his Ohio relatives and 2nd cousin namesake on Friday night September 29, accompanied by his wife Gladys Cable Miller.

Faber J Druckenbrod (1899 – 1958) son of Ivy Benton Druckenbrod (1862 – 1916) brother to Fiana Druckenbrod (1854 – 1923) > Lola M Miller (1880 – 1951) > Faber W Miller (1905 – 1957) m. Gladys Mae Cable (1913 – 1991)