Amphyllis Angell b. 1636

Amphyllis Angell 10th great aunt, on RootsMagic tree

Amphyllis was the daughter of Thomas Angell, an original pioneer of Rhode Island. She was born about 1636, lived through the beginnings of her country and when she died in 1694 the American Revolution was still 80 years in the future. Amphyllis married Edward Smith on May 9, 1663. Twice Edward and she were in the Early records of Providence with an ‘intention’ of marriage.

In 1687 Providence, Rhode Island, the townspeople were summoned. Anyone over the age of 16 had to supply a list of their real and personal estate, their possessions. A tax rate was set up, it was the Majesty’s Rate for King James II. Edward Smith, Amphyllis Angell’s husband was chosen as Commissioner for “ye mannageing ye bissnesse of his Majesties Rate. All which persons & Estates, are by ye sd Com. & ye sd Select men, to be assesed & rated as followeth vizt Every person aforesd, One shill & Eight pence by the head, & all Estates reall & personall att one penny for every twenty shill”.

The early records of the town of Providence pages 98-103 shows a list of persons taxed, male and female, anyone with an estate. This list of taxpayers in 1687 Providence contains Speedy ancestors: Angell, Arnold, Ashton, Olney, Williams; and a probable Miller ancestor: Johnathan Sprague. This tax or Majesty’s Rate lasted about 1 year and ended in 1688 when King James II lost the throne.

Amphyllis and Edward had at least 4 children, probably more. Edward Smith died without a will in 1693. Amphyllis and son Edward Jr presented Edward’s inventory to the council and asked to be administrators. Amphyllis died about 1 year after her husband.


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