Maria Henrica Rodenbeck b. 1837 and Hinrich Henrichs b. 1836

March 18, 1885 Maria, Hinrich, their seven children and probably Hinrich’s brother Martin sailed from Germany on the ship America and arrived in Baltimore, Maryland first making a quick stop in New York harbor. They carried two pieces of luggage, for the whole group. Here’s a photo of Hinrich and Maria, shared on Maria is the maternal grandmother of Mary Frerichs Roose, they could pass for twins.

Henrichs, Henry and Maria Rodenback

Henry and Maria Rodenback Henrichs

Maria was born May 10, 1837 in Germany. She died Apr 9, 1926 in Allison Iowa and is buried at Butler Center Cemetery. Maria married Hinrich Henrichs (spellings vary) in Germany where he was born May 1, 1836, he died Aug 21, 1918. Maria and Hinrich Henrichs share a large headstone with HINRICHS and Ruhe in Gott, Rest in God engraved. Both have a smaller stone Mutter mother and Vater father with their names and birth death dates engraved.