Peter Miller b. 1827

Peter Miller, 3rd great grandfather on RootsMagic tree

Update on Peter Miller: June 1898 Peter and daughter in law Fiana went to Stark County Ohio for family reunions. Fiana attended the Bair reunion, Peter attended the Miller reunion, the Miller reunion was in the newspaper and gives details on Peter’s father and siblings. Peter’s family is from Pennsylvania, originally Germany and his mom’s, possibly his dad’s family have a lot of history.

Miller family reunion 1898

Peter Miller was born Feb 2, 1827 in Stark county, Ohio and lived in Canton, the county seat much of his life. At about age 40 he, his wife and 9 children moved to Bremer County, Iowa. They lived in a farm in La Fayette township. Peter died on August 25 of 1912 at age 85 in Amery, Wisconsin, he was living with his son William and family. Peter is buried in Andrews Cemetery outside Waverly, Iowa. Some of Peter’s life is documented in the Waverly newspapers of the time.

1892 Aug 25 page 5 of the Waverly Republican –
Peter Miller is painting his house and barn on his farm in La Fayette and fixing up generally

1887 Mar 11 page 5 of the Waverly Democrat –
Peter Miller living in LaFayette has a cow that is worth bragging about, It is twenty one years old and during her lifetime has given birth tp 19 splendid calves the last two being a pair of twins. And what is more she is still a good milker and promises yet to live many years.

1898 September 15 page 4 of Bremer County Independent –
Peter Miller was appointed as judge for the upcoming General Election in Lafayette township.

Peter visited Canton, Ohio often, so did his wife Esther and their daughter in law Fiana. Peter happened to be in Canton for the funeral of President William McKinley 

1901 August 22 page 5 of the Waverly Democrat –
Peter Miller will leave Monday for a visit to his old home at Canton, Ohio. He will be gone about 6 weeks.

1901 October 3 page 5 of the Waverly Democrat –
Peter Miller returned Thursday morning from his visit at Canton, Ohio, the home of the late President. Mr Miller was present at his burial services, which he describes as being “grand beyond description”.

Canton, Ohio public square

Public Square in Canton, Ohio c. 1907-1915, US historical postcard snapshot