James Waters b. 1568

James Waters 10th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.

James was born in England around 1568, during the first Queen Elizabeth’s reign, his parents are unknown. He was an apprentice in the Ironmongers Company in 1592.  ‘Ironmonger’ was the word for a manufacturer of iron goods, today the word is still used in England for a hardware store worker or owner. Once James finished his ironmonger apprenticeship he married Phebe Manning.

An old illustration of the gate, c. 1650

James and Phebe were parents of at least 7 children. Those who didn’t survive to adulthood are buried in St Botolph without Aldgate Churchyard, in present day East End, London. James wrote his will in 1676 and requested that he be buried in the same cemetery “in or near the place where my children do lie buried”. The will divided his estate in to three parts, one for his wife, one for his son Richard, not the first born, but may be the only surviving son. The third part James divided between St Botolph church, the poor living in East Smithfield, and some friends: a cordwainer, a shoemaker, and a (black)smith.

James’s widow Phebe remarried and with her husband and son Richard sailed to America.


  • The gate around Aldgate was standing until the mid 1700s, history at Wikipedia. The illustration of the gate, c. 1650, Anonymous cartographer public domain,  University of Toronto Wenceslaus Hollar Digital Collection. Wikipedia
  • James’s will is in New England historical and genealogical register volume 51 page 406 at Archive.org, a digital book.