Henry Miller b. 1789

Henry Miller b. 1789 4th great grandfather Henry Miller in RootsMagic tree

Henry was born in 1789 in Pennsylvania and is newly added as the father of Peter Miller b. 1827. Researching Peter in Waverly newspapers, he visited Canton, Stark County, Ohio a lot and in June of 1898 he visited with daughter in law Fiana Druckenbrod Miller, both were attending family reunions. It turned out the Stark, Ohio newspaper actually recorded Peter Miller’s visit and featured a full page article about the famous Miller family reunion with perhaps 500+ Millers attending.Miller family reunion 1898

The article is in the Stark County (Ohio) Democrat newspaper of 1898 June 30, provided by Stark Library. https://starklibrary.org/home/genealogy/digital-archives/

Henry Miller was born about 1782 in Pennsylvania, probably Berks County and probably descended from parents or grandparents who arrived from Germany.  He married Elizabeth Fryberger, they moved to Ohio around 1810 and were pioneers in the area. Henry was a widow around 1834 and married again, he may have had 12 children total. An 1830 census shows him and his family in Stark, Ohio. Before 1850 only the heads of homes names were recorded so the 1830 census has Henry Miller and 9 other people identified by tick marks in an age and gender category. Henry is second from bottom on this list. There also an Ohio marriage record for Henry and Julia Essig Troxel, both widowed, they married October 4, 1835 in Stark, Ohio.

Obed Gaines b. 1793

Obed Gaines 4th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree

Obed Gaines was born May 3, 1793 in Guilford, Vermont to Joseph and Abigail Tubbs Gaines. He married Leydia Connable on August 10, 1815 probably in Bernardston, Massachusetts, 15 miles from Guilford and by 1820 they were living in Cazenovia, Madison, New York, 250 miles from Guilford. The family probably farmed and they moved a lot.

Headstone Gaines, ObedIn 1826 Obed and family were in Painesville, Ohio, 1831  in White Pigeon, Michigan, 1838 in Eden, Indiana. By the 1850s Obed and Leydia were in Bremer County, Iowa where sons Obed Jr and William were living. Obed was a widow in 1854, he lived with his sons and their families until March 5, 1877 when he died. He is buried at Willow Lawn Cemetery in Plainfield Iowa. The tall headstone has fallen over so it lies on the grassy ground the inscription reads:  At Rest.

Obed Gaines (1793 – 1877)
William Newcomb Gaines (1825 – 1907)
Mary Ella Gaines (1855 – 1917)
William Miller (1879 – 1949)
Faber W Miller (1905 – 1957) m. Gladys Cable (1913 – 1991)

Iowa, Cemetery Records, 1662-1999, Original data: Works Project Administration (WPA, the New Deal, Great Depression, FDR). Graves Registration Project. Washington, D.C. $ source on Ancestry.

Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908 individual index cards at FamilySearch.org  Free registration, log in required. This is a great collaborative site where everyone shares the same tree. Obed’s page here

Find A Grave  completely unverified but a good source for connecting families.

Benjamin Swain b. 1813

Benjamin Paul Swain 4th great grandfather

Benjamin Swain on RoostMagic tree

Benjamin Swain was born about 1813 and married Polly Ann Howard about 1833 maybe in Indiana. By 1835 they were pioneer residents in Lake, Illinois and lived south of Pettibone’s Creek (which some say should have been named Swain Creek). In 1840 Benjamin was appointed Collector (of taxes). In 1844 he purchased land, 61 acres at about $1.25 per acre.

He and Polly had at least 4 children. Benjamin died at age 34 not sure of the cause, he had a will ready. Polly was the executor. She married 2nd Jacob Montgomery, then moved from Illinois to Floyd County, Iowa where daughter Sarah Ann Swain met then married William Newcomb Gaines.

About Benjamin P Swain: “This man was one of the few Americans among the pioneers, and was known to his neighbors as “Yankee” Swain. He was a big, powerful man, of commanding personality, and was respected by the whole community.” Page 463 A History of Lake County, Illinois at HathiTrust bottom of the page .

Dexter Angell b. 1794

Dexter Angell was perhaps the favorite grandson of Israel Angell. Israel’s letter to his son Asa no date, has Israel remembering Dexter and hoping to see him soon.

Angell, Israel to son Asa re grandson Dexter

Israel’s letter to his favorite grandson, Dexter

Dexter was born in Providence and died in northeastern New York. By age 20 he was in Prairieton, Indiana where he owned land, farmed, married and had a family 2 daughters and 1 son. When his wife Clementina Benight died in 1847 Dexter returned to Rhode Island, married Betsy Gazley they had a son Julius.

In 1831 the year before Israel died Dexter was definitely in Rhode Island and on the Committee to investigate the Governor of Rhode Island, Lemuel Arnold so probably stopped in Providence to see his granddad in 1831. Dexter would have been 37, Israel was 90, twice a widow and married to his 3rd wife.

Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854) > Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916) > Matilda Elizabeth Flood (1858 – 1940) > Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979) > Elizabeth Matilda Speedy (1917 – 2005)

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