RootsMagic version 7

For Mac. RootsMagic is wonderful. It seems easier to figure out or work thru and has features that I appreciate.

  • place names use GPS
  • place names use historically ‘correct’ versions: Rhode Island, British America
  • the timeline view
  • the last edited view
  • color coding
  • groups: I use generation groups
  • linking directly to Family
  • media sorted by anything and keeping the name location I provide
  • adding sources makes sense, I use free-form
  • Search Everywhere
  • the option to change font, font size, view, colors, it’s customizable
  • Individual reports
  • Notes for persons and facts, described as the ‘meat and potatoes’. Citations carry facts, factual details, business like data. Notes carry the stories which are the meat and potatoes of everyday life.

I’m a beginner user. I’ve watched videos. My favorite Number 1 Getting Started with RootsMagic, recorded 8 Jan 2011

All are helpful. A printed book came with the software purchase. I need to open that book and start reading.