Websites and comments

American Ancestors at New England Historic Genealogical Society. January 2019 during an extended snow vacation from work I joined American Ancestors. I think it was $80 for the year. In the first few days I found a treasure trove of info on the Clemence and Huntley families and a Mayflower Record that totally proves Cynthia Hill’s marriage to Asa Angell. A wonderful and dedicated site. I feel smart using it. Using since 2015, at first it was amazing, all the sources, all the collaboration. A month or so into my first subscription, serious flaws. I no longer report site issues, just move on to whatever is working. My Ancestry DNA experience was better than expected: quick, organized and when I had a question for customer service I received a helpful reply. Things to know when using Ancestry A wonderful site, extraordinarily helpful, informative and geared toward family history. The only downside is also an upside: it’s a single shared tee that all users edit and no single person ‘owns’. New March 2019 the family fan view was great, is now fantastic with added view featuresscreenshot.png

RootsMagic my free online tree  updated every few weeks with last names A-F a little more put together than G-Z. I’m working through individuals, now on the Gaines families. Fall 2018 no longer working through alphabetically but working through my pedigree, currently at 3rd great grandparents.

MacFamily Tree my free online tree updated every season or so. This is a beautiful example of an online tree.

Find-a-Record Connect Find-a-Record with FamilySearch and “Research Opportunities” are presented. These opportunities are issued from the tree: duplicate names, no marriage date, 2 marriages date, etc. Opportunities can be sorted, hidden and disappear when fixed. This site is free and awesome and was recommended by Family History Fanatics. Fall 2018 This is no longer, changed their API, gave FindARecord time to update, FindARecord chose not to update.


One Rhode Island Family really well done, a professional, easy on the eyes website with lots of links and tips.

Family History Fanatics thee most helpful video ever re: DNA testing on their YouTube channel. There’s something about the presentation of their information that is fresh, precise, simple and not puffed up, pretentious and stuffy. Discovered March 2018, my new favorite.

The Family History Guide I have barely had time to look at this site but it’s awesome, simple and organized and an excellent guide for using FamilySearch, Ancestry and others. And this site reminded me of TreeSeek …

Tree Seek free charts created from trees. Logged in to my account I click here and there and beautiful charts are created. There are also for purchase chart options.screenshot.png