2016 Jun 21 the 1st major sync error

Creating a tree on Ancestry.com and then syncing to Family Tree Maker (FTM) is not fun and easy. It’s tough and frustrating, like hair-pulling chain smoking frustrating. I’ve had continual issues since purchasing FTM springtime 2015. It is FTM3 for Mac and maybe Mac is not their strong suit? Here’s some photos of the fun and easy syncing issues that began in a really big way on Memorial Day weekend.


Update August 2016- I sync Ancestry.com with FTM3 most every time I work on my tree. I have turned off the auto sync in FTM, use manual sync instead. Each time I sync I double check place names, people, source repositories, citations, citation facts, media, etc. I compact the tree about once a week, or if I’ve done a lot of editing. Since May I’ve had only 1 sync issue- a blip that lasted about 3 days.

I have Roots Magic– even though it looks like 1995 it’s good AND MacFamilyTree– it’s definitely modern. I love MacFamily Tree, well organized and easy to edit media and sources, stories read/narrated about my ancestors and easily produced beautiful colorful easy to read charts and reports. The only down side is the missing sync. Once I get my tree kind of semi-first draft finalized, I’ll import a GEDcom and start something.