Angell 2016 Jun 23

There’s always more to the story.

Delia Viola Angell Flood (3rd great grandmother) was named in her father Dexter Angell’s will with younger half brother Julius and older sister and brother Elizabeth and Charles. Delia and Julius were ‘infants’ in the law’s eyes, so the lawyer had to arrange guardians. The guardians may have been Henry Haynes and Lewis Angell, brothers of Dexter.

The same Dexter Angell (4th great grandfather) circa 1872 had in his possession “the gold medal awarded by Gen. Lafayette, to Col. Israel Angell.” Israel was Dexter’s grandfather – and Dexter was his favorite, probably how he got that gold medal presented to his grandpa by French revolutionary Lafayette. A note from Israel “N.B. I Remember my love in particular to My little Grandson Dexter, and tell him that his poor old Grandaddy intends (GOD willing) to Come & see him before one year to an End. I. A.”