Citations are road maps

At Evidence Explained Elizabeth Shown Mills’s website

Every time we use a source, we want to create a citation that helps us. We’re not trying to satisfy Miss Thistlebottom so she won’t give us a D-minus. We’re creating a citation that will give us the directions we need. Page numbers in books, file numbers for documents, distinctions between editions—or between versions imaged by multiple online providers … all of these are not roadside weeds to annoy us. They are mile markers that keep us headed in the right direction.

Most helpful. I’ve been looking into using Source Templates in FTM3, “these source templates are based on the Quick Check models defined in the book Evidence Explained”. I’ve edited 1790, 1800, 1810 and 1820 census source templates from Ancestry default, which I believe is ‘blank’ to source template: census; then category: digital images; then template: population schedule. ‘Digital images’ reverts to microfilm, can’t change it which seems odd.

Also odd once I’ve changed the source template there is absolutely no way to go back to ‘blank’. There is a way to further edit the more detailed source, but not in FTM- on in the Edit Source space. I’ve put this on hold.

Mac Family Tree and RootsMagic also have ways to further classify sources.