Valley Forge 1777

Six days away from the anniversary of George Washington’s Continental Army arrival at Valley Forge PA, Wikipedia page. At least two ancestors were at Valley Forge during the December 19, 1777–June 18, 1778 encampment: William Newcomb 5th great grandfather paternal and Colonel Israel Angell 6th great grandfather maternal. The National Parks Service sponsors the Annual March In of the Continental Army Commemoration with guided walks, music from the Colonial Revelers, and more. This event is dependent on the weather.

General Washington was criticized for choosing Valley Forge because it left parts of the country unprotected. The general replied … “furiously”

I can assure those Gentlemen that it is a much easier and less distressing thing to draw remonstrances in a comfortable room by a good fire side than to occupy a cold bleak hill and sleep under frost and Snow without Clothes or Blankets; however, although they seem to have little feeling for the naked, and distressed Soldier, I feel superabundantly for them, and from my Soul pity those miseries, [which], it is neither in my power to relieve or prevent.

Martha Washington supported her husband and the troops. She visited Valley Forge and set up sewing circles for the camp followers, that’s women and children encamped with the soldiers, helping with laundry, uniforms and emotional support.