Old lived with young

Still looking into this, dates, when it changed, why it changed. In families up to the 1950s maybe, older people moved in with younger people. Aged uncles lived with nieces and their families. Moms lived with sons and their families then moved to their daughter’s home. Grandparents moved in with grand children. Any number of arrangements of families living together. Occasionally an older person lives as a boarder, the majority live with their family.

So how did that work? How was it decided where Uncle Jake would live, who he would live with? Did Uncle Jake get a choice? Did the younger persons choose? And then how was it decided when it was time for a switch from great niece’s house to 2nd nephews house? By mail? Was it a question or was it understood that everyone took a turn? Was it chronological, first with the older, then the second, third, etc? Was it acceptable to communicate that a break was needed, Uncle Jake was a lot of work?

Rincon Del Rio provides a History of Nursing Homes, timeline of alms houses, skilled care, nursing and so on.