Jabez Dewey b. 1755

Jabez Dewey born in 1755, probably in Connecticut, had joined the American Revolution by 1776 at age 21. He fought in the Battle of Harlem Heights, September 1776. The  battle was the first real victory of General Washington. “Upon receiving Washington’s orders to return to their lines, the troops gave a loud -huzzah- and left the field in good order.” Page 86, Johnston, Battle of Harlem Heights, 1897.

Jabez’s next battle was at Fort Washington in November 1776 and one of the worst defeats in the Revolution. Jabez along with 2,837 men were captured by the British then held on a prisoner of war ship. He died on this war ship probably in 1776. In his short life Jabez didn’t marry and didn’t see America freed from British rule. Forward to November 16, 1901 a dedication of a Fort Washington monument, Jabez’s relative Admiral George Dewey is recognized for his accomplishments in the Spanish American War. Page 21, Sons of the American Revolution, Fort Washington 1902

This Dewey family in America descended from Thomas Dewey b. 1613 and is researched well in: Dewey, Adelbert M. Life of George Dewey, Rear Admiral, U.S.N.; And Dewey Family History Westfield, Mass.: Dewey publishing company, 1898