Sam Miller b. 1883

Sam Miller great uncle of Faber Miller who married Gladys Cable.

Sam Miller was born February 20, 1883 in Lafayette, Bremer County, Iowa. This person is new  to the Miller side of the family tree, just recently added when he was mentioned in his sister Lola’s obituary. He doesn’t have a lot of records and went by both Sam and Ira, his name may have benn Ira Samuel Miller. On the 1885 Iowa census he is Ira age 12 living with his family the 5th of 7 kids. Next record is the 1900 US census he is Samuel Miller, a boarder in the home of Avery and Maude Chambers. His next record is the 1930 US Census, he is Sam, married to Gladys living in Amery Wisconsin (same place his parents and brother Frank had lived). Sam is a barber and Gladys is a telephone operator and like most of their city neighbors they own a radio set. In the WW 2 draft registration April 27, 1942, his name is Ira Sam, a barber, living in Amery, Wisconsin, his wife Gladys is next of kin.

draft 1

The Old Man’s Draft required all US men between 45 to 64 to register not for a military draft but to get information on labor skills of the workforce in 1942. A long questionnaire was part of the registration but wasn’t kept, only the cards. More info here.