The Cable family, 4th of July 1877

The Cable family lived in Pleasant Grove, a tiny town outside Greene, Iowa. Jonathan Cable born around 1807 is the first known Cable in my tree. He married Eliza Frey, they had 5 kids and moved from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, where Eliza died, John married Charlotte Knapp, they moved to Iowa. William, my great grandpa, stayed in Pleasant Grove on the family farm. His brothers and sisters moved around to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and Washington.

In Iowa, 1877 Jonathan was 70, Charlotte 40, John was 30, Chancey 27, William 25, Sarah 23 and Violetta was 20.

In Greene, they had a big 4th of July celebration with: the Greene Band, baseball, a parade, a picnic dinner, races, fireworks, a baby show, horse races, a bowery dance and ice cream. Chancey and John had a saloon in Greene, almost certain it was part of the 1877 holiday celebration, it was sold in 1878.


Described in the July 5, 1877 Butler County Press newspaper : THE CELEBRATION. A Complete Success. The morning of the Fourth dawned favorably, the sun arose and smiled pleasantly on Greene, and all of our citizens were alive and stirring at an early hour, everybody on the alert, endeavoring to have everything in the best of order for the eventful day, while Marble Rock was asleep, holding sweet counsels with Morpheus while indulging in her usual morning doze. A black cloud hung off in the direction of Clarksville a warning to the people of that benighted town of the gloom and silence that was to pervade all who tarried for the slim celebration there.”

Chancey was in the ‘picked nine’ baseball game, “Chauncey Cable came to bat and knocked a fly clear off into a foreign country and while some of the unfortunate Actives groped for it two tallies were slipped in. An unfortunate miss throw let in Cable and S. Thomas, and other fine scores were made and the shouts that arose for the picked nine were fairly deafening. Although the picked nine had the inconvenience of two extra men and double play they won laurels ever to be remembered and their names will be carried down to posterity.” And he was in the races, “4th of July festivities Chancey takes 2nd money in the foot race”.