William Knapp b. 1809

William Knapp b. 1809. 3rd great grandfather

William is the father of Charlotte Knapp who is probably the mother of William Cable. William Knapp was born in New York and married Rhoda Bower at age 20. William and Rhoda lived in Orange County, New York until about 1849, when they left for Dane County, Wisconsin where Rhoda’s brothers and sisters had settled. Rhoda died soon after arriving in Dane, Wisconsin in 1850. The Knapp children were in their teens and 20s when their mom died. William may have drifted or may have stayed in Wisconsin with the Bowers.

In 1864 William enlisted as a private in the 129th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Company K. The 129th was right there in Atlanta September of 1864 when the city was burned then occupied by the troops. William was a Union soldier until June, 1865 and fought battles in Kentucky, Tennessee, Atlanta and Raleigh, North Carolina.

William’s next residence record is the 1880 US census, he’s in Charles City, Iowa a gardener living on his own. Five years later the Iowa 1885 census shows him living with his daughter Charlotte Knapp Cable and family including grandson William Cable. William’s final home was in Marshalltown, Iowa in what was then the Iowa Soldiers Home. He may have lived in one of the small cottages. William died at age 79 on January 1, 1889 and is buried at the Iowa Veterans Home Cemetery.
Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1879-1903 at Ancestry . com.
William d. 1 Jan 1889 in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA, Pvt. regiment 129, company K, unit Illinois Infantry

Civil War soldiers and sailors system (CWSS) at National Parks Service

Catharina Renistra b. 1820

Catharina Renistra 3rd great grandmother on RootsMagic tree
Catharina was born the 20th of September 1820 in Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands.
Only her father’s name is known: Christian Renistra, no info on mother or siblings.

In 1846 Garbrand Roos crossed the Wadden Sea and married Catharina in Harlingen where their oldest son Jan was born in 1847. The family sailed to New York arriving on August 18, 1862 then went on to Freeport, Illinois where youngest son Johann was born: Johann, father of George Roose, father of Stanley Roose. By 1870 the family was in Iowa, first Grundy then Butler County. They owned land and farmed. Catharina was a widow in 1888 and on the 1900 census she is 78, head of household, living in Butler County. Her occupation was a capitalist: Persons living on income from land, stocks, etc., were to be reported as “Capitalist.” Her income was from farm land.  Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS).

This summer my son Dylan and I searched for Catharina’s headstone at the Pleasant View Cemetery in Aplington, Iowa. Catharina’s husband, sons, a daughter, grandchildren all were buried in the cemetery but there was no record or photo of Catharina’s headstone. It turned out Catharina shared a headstone with her husband, her hame, birth and death dates on the alternate side, just not photographed or documented.

Elizabeth Glenn b. 1794

Elizabeth Glenn 3rd great grandmother.

Elizabeth Glenn was born 1794 in Adams County Pennsylvania. By 1803 her family was living in Ohio. April 13, 1818 at age 24, Elizabeth married William Speedy.  The Speedys had a family and farmed in the Island Creek township near the Ohio River on the eastern edge of Ohio.
Speedy William and Elizabeth Glenn 1818 marriage

Elizabeth and her dad Thomas Glenn both died of cholera in 1850. From 1829 to 1851 the ‘Second Cholera Pandemic’ was happening. President Polk d. 1849 and at least 150,000 other Americans. The cholera outbreak caused the first Ohio State Fair and the Ohio Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851 to be postponed.

Elizabeth’s son Manford was 12 at her death. He and his dad William stayed in Ohio together until 1856 when Manford arrived in Shell Rock, Iowa. Elizabeth’s brother Alexander Glenn was also in the Shell Rock area. Elizabeth Glenn Speedy is buried in Island Creek Cemetery, Jefferson Ohio. FindAGrave is completely unverified but still a good way to match families and ancestors.

Marriage record at FamilySerch.org. William Speedy and Betsy Glenn, 13 Apr 1818; citing Jefferson, Ohio, United States, reference p 129 cn 1316; county courthouses, Ohio, Jefferson, Marriage records 1813-1824 vol 2. Ohio county marriages 1789-2013 database with images.

William Flood b. 1829

William Flood 3rd great grandfather .

William was born in Vermont, 1829, no information on his parents. He was in Iowa by 1852 and in Butler County, Iowa by 1856 when he married Delia Angell. The 1880 census shows the Flood and Stewart families as neighbors. In 1916 the families were connected when Philippa (Flood) Mockford and Harve (Stewart) Speedy married.

The 1880 Agricultural Census shows some of the Flood family’s farm property and production

  • The farm had 10 acres of mown grasslands, 20 acres of hay, 95 acres of tilled land, 25 acres of meadow and 5 acres of woodland.
  • Total farm value $2400, machinery value $200, livestock value $726.
  • Livestock included 7 horses, 4 cows, 32 pigs and 40 chickens.
  • The farm produced 200 lbs of butter and 100 eggs.
  • Crops included 80 acres of Indian corn producing 200 bushels, 4 acres of oats producing 60 bushels, 7 acres of wheat producing 80 bushels, 2 acres of apple trees, 20 bearing trees producing 15 bushels of apples.
  • Forest products were 15 cords of wood cut.

William was also a blacksmith and passed the trade on to his son George. And he was in the Civil War Union Army 32nd Regiment Iowa Infantry Company E, a soldier promoted to Private, then Corporal.

Of the Iowa 32nd, ‘There was probably not another infantry command subjected to such an experience as the Thirty-second Iowa Infantry. They marched and kept up with a cavalry division for over four hundred miles. No troops displayed greater heroism during the War of the Rebellion.’ http://bit.ly/2DFBpJy Volume 5 page 57 of Roster And Record of Iowa Soldiers In the War of the Rebellion.

William Flood b.1829, father of Matilda Flood b.1858, mother of Philippa Flood Mockford b.1891, mother of Elizabeth Speedy b.1917 m. Stanley Roose b.1915

Philippa Johns b. 1828

Philippa Johns 3rd great grandmother on RootsMagic tree.

MylorParishChurchCornwallPhilippa Johns was born in Cornwall England, September 1828 and was baptized November 2, 1828 in the Mylor parish church. In 1851 Philippa was a servant in the home of Richard and Elizabeth Green Mockford. Richard and his son Henry were millers or flour makers: Richard a foreman, Henry a journeyman. Philippa married Henry Mockford in 1853 in the same Mylor church. Link to an index of their marriage record: bit.ly/1XTe4X9 click MORE on the bottom right to see the rest of the record.

Henry sailed to America in 1854 on his own as husbands did, to set up a home then once established send for Philippa. In the summer 1855 census Henry was a border in Clarkson, New York. On November 19, 1855 Philippa and oldest son 2 year old William arrived. The family lived in northern and northwestern New York: Batavia and Clarkson. When Philippa died in 1903 her husband, four sons and three daughters lived on. Philippa’s name like her granddaughter’s name is spelled different ways.

Philippa Johns (1828 – 1903) > Richard John Mockford (1856 – 1910) > Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979) > Elizabeth Matilda Speedy (1917 – 2005) m. > Stanley Roose Sr. (1915-2004)

Esther Young b. 1830

Esther Miller 3rd great grandmother.

Esther Young was probably born in Stark County, Ohio in January of 1830. No info on her parents. She married Peter Miller around 1851 they had their first child William L Miller in August of 1852. Esther had 5 more sons and her 7th child, a daughter: Lillie May Miller. By 1860 the family was living in Bremer County, Iowa. They farmed and the children attended school. In 1880 Esther and Peter were neighbors to their son William and his wife Fiana. In 1885 their neighbors were the Baileys, future in laws, their daughter Lillie would marry the youngest Bailey son, George. Imagine Esther’s day to day life in 1860: infants and toddlers, diapers, clothes, winter coats, laundry, food, baking, toothaches, crops, horses, livestock, snow, summer heat, having a bath; how in the world. There is very little info on Esther. A wedding photo of daughter Lillie is shared on Ancestry, maybe Lillie looked like her mom. Esther died in 1898, about age 68 and is buried at Andrews Cemetery near Waverly.

Esther Young (1830 – 1898) > William L Miller (1852 – 1933) > Lola M Miller (1880 – 1951) > Faber W Miller (1905 – 1957) m. Gladys Mae Cable (1913 – 1991)

William Newcomb Gaines b. 1825

William was born Nov 16, 1825 in Madison county New York, he died May 16 1907 in Lane, Oregon and is buried in Janesville, Iowa. He was the sixth child of Obed and Leydia Connable Gaines born after triplets Abigail, Lydia and Obed. William was either adopted or ‘bound out to’ his mom’s first cousin Samuel Newcomb. With Samuel, an early Mormon, William went to Salt Lake Territory in 1850. By 1854 he was married to Sarah Swain and living in Bremer County, Iowa. William was a hotel proprietor, a postmaster, a farmer, an assessor and a carpenter. He and Sarah had 6 children. William in the History of Butler and Bremer Counties.
The 1860 Agricultural census shows William producing 200 lbs. of maple sugar or syrup. William probably had no idea that his great great grandfather Samuel Connable was most likely the person who refined or engineered the way to extract maple syrup: History of Bernardston and The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, And Literature for the Year
William was a widow at age 64. At 70 he lived with his son and family in Wadena Minnesota. At 75 he was living with a daughter in Lane, Oregon.

Obed Gaines married Leydia Connable > William Newcomb Gaines married Sarah Swain > Mary Ella Gaines married James Davis Miller  > William Earl Miller married Lola Miller > Faber Miller married Gladys Cable Miller.