Mary Connable b. 1747

Mary Connable 3rd great aunt to Faber Miller who married Gladys Cable.

Mary Connable was born in Bernardston, Massachusetts to Samuel and Mary English Connable. “She was one of the school teachers of Bernardston. Sept. 29, 1774, the town paid her L1 15s. for keeping school.” Page 354 History of the Town of Bernardston by Kellog . Mary is noted for being “a remarkably ingenious, enterprising and industrious woman.” She built a water wheel near her home and could spin five ‘run’ maybe pounds?, of linen in a day. Mary stayed single and lived her whole life in the home she grew up in which her brother John and then nephew Joseph, inherited with a room given to Mary: the south lower room “so long as she shall live single, or be disposed to reside at my house.” Her will was written June 18, 1818. Mary left $1 to each niece and nephew, $10 to sister Elizabeth, with land and possessions for her nephew Joseph. She signed the will.

Mary’s brother John Connable (1749 – 1813)
Leydia Connable (1795 – 1854)
William Newcomb Gaines (1825 – 1907)
Mary Ella Gaines (1855 – 1917)
William Earl Miller (1879 – 1949)
Faber W Miller (1905 – 1957) m. Gladys Cable (1913 – 1991)