Joseph Connable b. 1782

Joseph Connable b. 1782 3rd great uncle to Faber Miller who married Gladys Cable.

Connable, Joseph

Jospeh was born in Bernardston Massachusetts to John Connable and first wife Amey Edwards. Jospeh married Mary Polly Maxwell and was a farmer. In 1813 his dad died and Jospeh inherited the estate and became guardian to his younger siblings. In 1837 Jospeh, his wife and his brother Samuel moved to Xenia, Ohio where they spent the rest of their lives and farmed. Jospeh believed strongly in 2 things: drinking alcohol was wrong and owning slaves was a sin.  And he was somewhat famous for his gardening skills, “published in the Franklin Herald of Nov .12, 1816: An English mammoth turnip was raised by Joseph Connable of Bernardston measuring forty-six inches round the middle and weighed thirty pounds with top and twenty-three pounds without top.”