John Angell b. 1646

John Angell 9th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.

John was born in 1646 in Providence, Rhode Island. Ten years earlier the 1636 census recorded 25 families total living there. In 1667 John was 21, he swore allegiance to King Charles with other men, a common thing. A couple months later there’s an issue when he and 2 others are accused by a constable. John Angell, John Field (future brother in law) and Resolved Waterman (future in law) were walking back home after mowing a meadow when they’re charged with disturbing the peace and put in jail. The whole town thought John and the others were wrongly accused by an inept constable. Their case came to court “We pray this honrd Assembly to provide by Some order yt ye Kings Name and Authoritie be not so cheape and base, as to be made a stalking horse to Mens private Ends and passions Nor his Majties Subjects so oppressed in thejr persons and Liberties Yor humble srvants and petitioiners ye Towne of Providence, on our vsual quarter day in his Majties Name assembled July 27, 1667 So-Calld”.

In 1669 John married Ruth Field they stayed in Providence, John was a weaver and held different town offices. He was part of King Philips War serving under Captain Daniel Henchman and in Dedham, Massachusetts on July 7 1675 the soldiers put their war on hold to watch the lunar eclipse, the moon turning deep red, lasting about an hour.

In the Thomas Angell genealogy book, John Angell is described as a strong man, a great grandson tells this story, “My great grandfather, John, was said to be a man of enormous strength, having on one occasion nine bushels of pears on his old mare, and she would not carry them, he took them on his own back and carried them, which seems, incredible. He said he once attempted to carry four bushels of salt up stairs, but the stairs broke down and he was injured by the fall.”
May 30 1667 Alegance to his Majestye
Volume 3 page 102 The early records of the town of Providence

Oath of allegiance
Page 10, Oaths of allegiance in colonial New England, by Charles Evans

Be not so cheap and base as a smokescreen into men’s private affairs and liberties
Volume 15 page 115, The early records of the town of Providence

Volume 37 Page 65 The New England historical and genealogical register 1883 Volume 37

Lunar eclipse 1675

Page 13 Genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Angell

Rhode Island Indian Rock, Narragansett Pier, Detroit Photographic Co., c1900, photochrom, color Library of Congress

David Wheeler b. 1627

David Wheeler 9th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.

David was born in Wiltshire, England around 1627. He has 2 arrival dates. One theory is he sailed on the Confidence with a family friend and was listed as a servant. Another theory is he sailed on the Mary and John with his family in 1634, the 2nd theory is more likely. David also has two marriage dates: May 11 1650 and June 18 1650, both with Sarah Wise, both from reliable sources. Most likely the May date was an intention of marriage and the actual marriage was in June. Old Town Meeting House, Newbury MA

David’s older sister Ann married Aquila Chase, the two couples lived near each other in Essex County of the Massachusetts Bay colony. Aquila was a sailor and often gone for long stretches of time. In 1646 the three David, Ann and Aquila were fined or charged for gathering peas on a Sunday. “A curious instance of Sabbath breaking occurred … Aquila Chase and his wife and David Wheeler were presented at Ipswich Court for gathering peas on the Sabbath. They were admonished. The family tradition has it that Aquila returned from sea that morning and his wife, wishing to supply a delicacy for dinner, fell into grave error in thus pandering to his unsanctified appetite.” Page 207 of Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony Ebook at Project Gutenberg .

Old Town Meeting House, Newbury MA
A sketch of the history of Newbury, at HathiTrust Preface page iii

Jane Metcalf b.1633

Jane Metcalf 9th great grandmother on RootsMagic tree.

Jane Metcalf was baptized at Saint Edmund Church in Norfolk, England on March 29, 1633. The baptism record – almost unreadable in handwriting from 4 centuries ago- includes the year 1633, Jane’s name, her dad Michel (Michael) and mom Sara(h).

Metcalf, Jane 1633 baptism

Jane Metcalf baptism March 29, 1633, with parents at Saint Edmund Church in Norfolk, England.

Jane was the 7th child of Michael and Sarah Ellwyn Metcalf and her whole family sailed from northern England to Boston arriving in June of 1637, three days before midsummer, 17 years after the Mayflower. In 1654 at age 22 Jane married Philip Walker in Boston. The Walker family moved to south Rehoboth, Massachusetts. In 1664 Jane’s father died, she inherited 40 shillings. King Philips War hit Rehoboth hard, Jane and her family would have lived through several attacks which included burning homes and entire towns. Her husband Philip and oldest son Samuel probably fought in the war. In 1679 Jane was a widow at age 47. She married her 2nd husband John Polley, lived another 20 years and left a will with her son Samuel Walker as executor.



Eleazer Arnold House


Eleazer Arnold 9th great grandfather on RootsMagic tree.
“Eleazer Arnold builder of the noted 17th century stone-end chimney house was a typical representative of second generation Rhode Islander settlers … Such were the conditions in Rhode Island as pictured by travelers of a period only fifty years after Eleazar Arnold created his mansion in 1687 on the Great Road to Mendon. The land he built on was fifty acres left to him by his father at “Worlds End” near Scott’s pond”.

Image 10 of 19, page 81. Eleazer Arnold House July 1952 Volume 2 No. 3 at Rhode Island Historical Society link to the publication page with an explanation of the journal. Link to the actual journal.


Samuel Gaines b. 1638

Samuel Gaines 9th great-grandfather on RootsMagic tree.

Samuel Gaines was born in Massachusetts, probably Lynn, in 1638 to Henry and Jane Partridge Gaines who left England for America in 1636. Henry and Jane died young, in their 30s, Jane died shortly after her husband Henry, she left a will presented in court at Salem, May of 1645. In the will the Gaines boys were set up in apprenticeships, Samuel was 6. He learned to read, write and run a farm. Samuel in his 20s married Ann and was a widow by age 27 in 1665. By 1667 he was in Connecticut and married Anna Burnham whose family lived near his home. Samuel and Anna had children and farmed. Through marriages 2 children of Samuel and Anna are 6th great grandparents of Faber Miller b. 1905: son Samuel (m. Rebecca Couch) and daughter Rebecca (m. Samuel Risley). Samuel died in 1700 at age 62. He left a will, about 27 pages handwritten, not yet read or transcribed.

Gaines, Jane will 1645

Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts
Volume 1, Page 163

Lydia Gardiner b. 1669

Lydia was born about 1669 in Newport, Rhode Island to George Gardiner and 3rd wife Lydia Ballou. When her dad died in 1677 Lydia, her mom and brothers Robert and Peregrine went to Providence RI, where Lydia married Joesph Smith on April 4, 1689. Joseph was a weaver, they spent their lives in Providence. They had 6 sons and 3 daughters. Lydia died in 1723 her husband probably married again he lived until 1749.

Lydia and her children through her dad (3) and mom’s (2) marriages are connected to the Angell, Arnold, Ballou, Gardiner, Hawkins, Olney, Smith, Tefft and Whipple families.

Marriage Volume 2 page 77 image 121 of 444 , a family register for the people by Arnold. At

Lydia Gardiner (1669 – 1723)
Israel Smith (1689 – 1726)
Naomi Smith (1720 – 1799)
Israel Angell (1740 – 1832)
Asa Angell (1771 – 1842)
Dexter Angell (1794 – 1854)
Delia Viola Angell (1839 – 1916)
Matilda Flood (1858 – 1940)
Philippa Flood Mockford (1891 – 1979)
Elizabeth Speedy (1917 – 2005)

Mercy Sprague Tubbs b. 1623

Mercy Sprague 7th great grandmother of Faber Miller who married Gladys Cable.

Mercy was 6 in 1623 when she sailed on the Ann to Plymouth colony. Her dad Francis and ‘Anna’ are mentioned in the arrival records. Anna is probably Mercy’s sister, some believe Anna is Mercy’s mom, not enough info to decide absolutely so lots of theories.
May 22, 1627 Francis, Anna and Mercy 10 years old, were part of the 6th Lot in dividing up the cows and goats that also recently sailed to America. By 1637 at age 20, Mercy was married to William Tubbs, they had at least 3 children and a rocky marriage in Colonial America. Mercy and William eventually divorced.
48873869_1406062740By 1668 at age 50 or so, Mercy was gone from Plymouth. She may have been in love with Joseph Rogers of the Mayflower who was banished from Plymouth and sent to Rhode Island. Mercy probably died in Rhode Island near Jospeh Rogers, her burial is unknown.
At Mercy’s Find A Grave Memorial there’s a photo of the Mercy Sprague Doll made by Mary Michaud for the Plimoth Plantation, Mercy’s doll is no longer offered, other characters are. Photo added to FindAGrave by Family Seeker.